Predicting 2015 | LINUX Unplugged 73

Predicting 2015 | LINUX Unplugged 73

Our bold predictions for Linux & open source over 2015. Thought provoking, sometimes a bit inspired or maybe just plain wrong, this edition of Unplugged promises to entertain.

Plus what goes into making a great & secure messaging system & more!

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Being good at going full Salesman on things comes with a certain responsibility if you care about your audience. Touting the security of Telegram should be avoided. By all means, use it if it fits your needs but please don’t portrait Telegram as something vetted and secure, that’s doing the audience a disservice.

Only half of the equation (the client) is open source and the protocol is full of weirdness and outright flaws. I believe their crypto contest charade was even featured and scoffed at on one of the network’s channels a while ago.

Its encryption score in the following table should be taken with a grain of salt since it’s vulnerable to ‘hostile server’ attacks, which are sadly just a subpoena away:

Why isn’t Debian as popular as Ubuntu on LAS

I have been loving LAS for some time now, but it always bothers me that Debian (the mother of so many great Linux distros) isn’t discussed as a primary Linux distro option as Arch/OpenSUSE/Ubuntu and so on. What is the deal with that? // Thanks for a great year, keep up the good work LAS!

2015 VLUG Linux Predictions

  • HighDPI
  • Secuirty? Audits? Shellshock 2.0?
  • Elementary OS Fork
  • The first batch of Steam Machines reach the general public?
  • Ubuntu Touch?
  • Firefox OS?

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