Greg KH: The Interview | LAS 346

Greg KH: The Interview | LAS 346

Greg Kroah-Hartman long time Linux kernel developer and maintainer of a few subsystems you depend on joins us to discuss his insights on the pace of Linux’s development, third party involvement, the rolling future & what gets him excited about Linux.

Plus Linus reviews Fedora 21, the questions facing Gnome Software…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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— Show Notes: —

Greg K-H Linux Kernel Developer Interview

Greg Kroah-Hartman is a Linux kernel developer. He is the current Linux kernel maintainer for the -stable branch, and many critical subsystems.

He also created linux-hotplug, the udev project, and the Linux Driver Project. He worked for SUSE Labs and, as of 1 February 2012, works at the Linux Foundation.

Brought to you by: System76

The Linux Kernel, how fast it is developed and …

This talk will go into the latest statistics for the development of the Linux kernel.

It will describe how the many thousand developers all work together and are able to release a stable kernel every 3 months with no planning.

Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

If you want to know how to build, configure, and install a custom Linux kernel
on your machine, buy this book. It is written by someone who spends every
day building, configuring, and installing custom kernels as part of the
development process of this fun, collaborative project called Linux.

I’m especially proud of the chapter on how to figure out how to configure a
custom kernel based on the hardware running on your machine. This is an
essential task for anyone wanting to wring out the best possible speed and
control of your hardware.


Runs Linux

The Roman Airport, Runs Linux!

During a recent trip to Rome I came upon a helpdesk-terminal kind of thing, a pedestal with a touch-screen for information and a microphone and camera for video calls with personnel.

That was awesome, it helped me out since my Italian is non-existent, and Italian organisational skills leaves a lot to be desired. The next one I saw however seems to have had some problem, and showed only a gnome desktop with a very Ubuntu-esque background, though I couldn’t quite place it.

-Dojan from Sweden


This Mens Urinal Runs Linux

So I went with few friends to Boston Pizza (a pizza-bar chain, not sure if exist in the USA) in Toronto. After I had a few beers I went to the washroom (that’s how we say bathroom up here in the north) and to my surprise I saw this on the ad screen on the wall… with my pants already unbuttoned I pulled my phone out and took some pictures, as I was doing that a guy walked in and gave me a weird look. So I had to explain to him what the hell I was doing. 🙂

Anyways, I was very excited to see this grub menu in the wild… even if it was on the same wall with a urinal..


Desktop App Pick

Gnome MultiWriter

USB MultiWriter first Screenie

GNOME MultiWriter can be used to write an ISO file to multiple USB devices at

Weekly Spotlight

MUP, a Markup Previewer


  • Supports multiple markup formats, easy to extend
  • Automatically refreshes itself when the document is modified, tries to retain
    the position in the document after refreshing
  • Skips metadata headers, such as those used by static blog generators like
  • Supports gzipped documents, useful to read documentation shipped with Debian

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This site includes a separate picks lists for the “Runs Linux”, Desktop Apps, Spotlight Picks, Android Picks, and Distro Picks.

— NEWS —

Linus Reviews Fedora 21

Emo Terminal

The merge window being over, and things being calm made me think I should try upgrading to F21..

JSON Mail Access Protocol Specification (JMAP)

JMAP is a transport-agnostic, stateless JSON-based API for synchronising a mail client with a mail server. It is intended as a replacement for IMAP. The specification is based on the API currently used by FastMail‘s web app.

GNOME Software, GNOME’s App Store, Is Drawing Some Fresh Criticism

Gnome Software Doing an OS Update

Starting in December and continuing into January are various Fedora development threads of users questioning various GNOME motives with their GNOME Software program. In particular, right now, the GNOME Software application center doesn’t like CLI-only packages for installation but only those with a GUI. Additionally, GNOME Software is limited in showing packages for non-GNOME desktop environments unless certain parameters are set.


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