Foundry Soap Box | STOked 79

Foundry Soap Box | STOked 79

Cryptic laid an epic SMACK DOWN on a few different aspects of the game recently. From Grind Missions to Efficient Engines, you’ll hear us expound on the changes being made, and how it makes us feel as players of STO.

But it’s not all bad news! We’ve got our geek on in a big way with the Foundry this week, including a focus on content that players are creating BEYOND the confines of the game.

And last but not least, this week’s Community Feedback features live call-ins from avid STO fans, who will tell us a few of their favorite Trek moments that they’d like to see re-created using the Foundry.

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Show Notes:


Efficient Impulse Engine change coming soon
– “Everybody” uses either Borg, Aegis, or Efficient engines. This indicates an imbalance.

Jesse Heinig gives insight into Cloaking Device changes
Gist of it: Will require complete overhaul of all existing zone infrastructure, to fix. WILL get done, eventually. Holy big patch, Batman!

Cryptic officially cracks down on grind UGC missions
– Rating system
– C Store XP boost
– KDF gameplay in particular
– Boff to Captain
Warp Core breech only hits 5 targets

Murphy’s Foundry Trailer

Other mission trailers available:
Tipping Point :
The Longing :
Time the Enemy :
The Syndicate Extraction Testimonial :
The Jem’hadar Alliance :
Evangeline :
Star Trek: Phase II’s “Enemy: Starfleet” Available For Streaming Now
* has a great exclusive write up



“What iconic ‘Trek’ moments would you like to see inspire UGC content?”

Joining us LIVE via Skype:

“A klingon adaptation of the Battle for AR557”

“A humorous follow-up to Treshhold, or a more palatable remake”

“An homage to the final space battle of Star Trek VI, with the cloaked ship. An alternative way to end a conflict that does not involve direct battle alone.”

“A tribute to the epic DS9 episode, ‘In The Pale Moonlight.’ Have the players make a CHOICE with resounding consequences.”

Foundry Missions Worth Playing:

‘Nine of Deep Space’ by captain Revo
‘The Forever of Madness’ by sbcouto
‘Red Whispers’ by startruck


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