Buy Nothing | FauxShow 204

Buy Nothing | FauxShow 204

Angela and Chris explain a project where you are able to gift items locally and participate in a community based system of giving and getting to know each other.

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Show Notes

Buy Nothing Project


Mail Sack:

Thomas writes:

I am after a little advice. I have an upgrade on my mobile phone contract. The choices are the Samsung galaxy s5 or the HTC one m8 both 16gb.

If it were you, which would you go for? The hardware looks very similar, apart from the cameras. Which the s5 looks to smash the HTC.

One thing that slightly concerns me with the samsung is KNOX. I didn’t know anything about this before my upgrade, and it seems to lock down the device, apparently voiding warranty if rooted with custom kernel/recovery.

Many thanks Chris, keep up the great work!
PS I tune into LAS every week without fail, my misses asked the other day whilst listening to you and Matt, “oh, they are still going then, is that where you got the cool computer shirt from?”

Happy new year to you and the family,

Thomas from UK.

Mike writes:

Chris, I think you’re my father. Remember that girl in High school?

Where do I get JB stickers?

Sakuramboo writes:

Sup Ang,

I figured you all could use my story in a ting ad.

Way back when, when Ting started advertising on JB, I did a lot of research on them and Sprint and was very impressed with them and their pay what you use plan. I started to become a spokesman for them even though I never switched. I introduced my sister to them and shortly after my sister and her husband switched their Sprint phones to Ting. Last time I asked her, she said that they are saving money, but not much because her husband uses a LOT of data. But, I don’t have the figures. Then, my dad was getting fed up with Verizon and decided that it was time to “try out these new smart phones everyone is talking about.” I showed him Ting and liked the pay what you use model as well. So, he bought a phone off ebay and when it came, I set everything up for him. My mom also wanted a phone and so we bought an old flip phone for her and added it to my dads plan for 6 bucks more. He now pays just a fraction of what he did before and actually has 2 phones on the plan, which blew him away.

All this in the span of about a year. And all this while I was still on Verizon but convincing everyone around me to switch to Ting. Then I bought a Moto X (Sprint) to switch and early terminate from Verizon, only to find that Sprint had a lock on the Moto X for a year and could not BYOD. Then, October 1st they opened to BYOD and I quickly ported my number and moved to the Moto X.

I was paying $95 a month for Verizon’s unlimited(?) plans. After my first month with Ting, I paid $34 dollars after tax. My only complaint is that the 4G service where I mostly am isn’t the best. But, that is a problem with Sprint. Ting got 5 new customers all because I saw their ads on JB and began pitching their ads to my family.

Thanks go out to Ting, you, Chris, Matt, and everyone else at JB for saving me almost a grand a year. That’s a raise right there.

One final note. I know Chris always gets down to the song that plays in the background of Kyra’s app of the week videos. That song was made from the samples that are included with Adobe Audition. I know this because I created the same exact song for use in a previous job many years ago.

Just in case if Chris wanted that song to play on repeat in the car to drive you crazy. 🙂

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