Private Space Flight | J@N | 4.27.11

Private Space Flight  | J@N | 4.27.11

Heather joins us once more to discuss the X-Prize, Space-X, Virgin Atlantic, and all other means of projects and undertakings being pursued by the private space sector. We’ll talk about space tourism, NASA’s involvement, and even cover a bit of history on where the whole shebang started, and how far it has come in such a short time.

After several weeks straight of jabbering on and on about traveling to Mars with NASA, we’ve decided to focus a show on one particular piece of feedback we received from a J@N audience member. In a nutshell, our lack of coverage of PRIVATE space flight, was a gross oversight which we aim to fix tonight!

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Looking for the full show notes? Heather packed so much amazing epic into this week’s notes, that we thought it would be best to break them off onto their own page!

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