Fauxnotic About Xonotic | FauxShow 206

Fauxnotic About Xonotic | FauxShow 206

Angela and Chris play Xonotic with the community!

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Show Notes

  • HUGE thanks to Pricetx, Blastyr, and RottNKorpse for putting this together!
  • Server address: xonotic.jbgame.tv

Mail sack:

Truggleswick says:


I’m not sure if this qualifies for the male sac, but here’s the story….

The gf (ClareBear) has started helping herself to my tshirts when she stays over at my place.

First time, she grabbed my techSNAP tshirt, so I made her pose (for Allan & Chris) in front of my freeNAS & router setup (running dd-wrt), before she got to wear it. See photo (ClareSNAP) – where she’s smuggling peanuts. Or maybe you’re staring at the raspberry-pi which is my media box, to stream shizzle off the freeNAS.

Then, the Second time, she grabbed my LAS tshirt, so I told her she had to pose for a titalating photo for Chris & Matt. Which she is very happy to do. See photo (ClareLAS).

Waiting for the third time she grabs a JB piece of clothing now. Thanks for the awesome podcasts.


Ps. You said on an episode of T3 that you couldn’t remember who sent you the “KICK-IT” soundbite for kickstarter of le week. That was me 😛


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