Vivaldi, The Fourth Browser | LINUX Unplugged 77

Vivaldi, The Fourth Browser | LINUX Unplugged 77

A new browser called Vivaldi is on the scene with Linux support out of the box. Our virtual lug makes the case why it might be worth giving a try!

Plus a quick Linux laptop update, a surprise for Matt, your feedback & more!

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Vivaldi: A New Chromium-Powered, Multi-Platform Browser

Vivaldi is currently offered as a tech preview and is powered by Chromium with a number of features that reminisce Opera’s glory days, among them are the speed dial and mouse gestures. Vivaldi also adds in new features like allowing multiple tabs to be combined into one tab stack, support for note-taking within the browser, and other improvements to its Chromium base. Vivaldi was started by Jon von Tetzchner, the former CEO of Opera who hasn’t been with the firm for a few years.

Thanks Matt!

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