He’s Dead Jim | J@N | 5.3.11

He’s Dead Jim | J@N | 5.3.11

A historic event took place over the weekend, with a shot heard ‘round the world. Osama bin Laden has been killed by US Navy Seals, and we’ve collected some of the geekier bits from around the internet to feed to your faces.

We’re not going to dwell on the coverage of the actual event, since every news outlet in the world is already doing that. Instead, we’re going to talk about how the internet has reacted to this historical event. From conspiracy theories to humorous anecdotes and misquotes, it’s been a mish-mash of humor and tragedy that will leave a mark on our world.

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Osama bin Laden killed
Conspiracies abound!* No ID by non-US sources
* Burial at sea (not an Islamic custom)
* Raid was not sanctioned by Pakistani government
* Top secret “Team 6”

A super-stealth chopper that was burned to the ground by US troops Pic 1 & Pic 2 (source)
* He’s been dead for almost a decade!
US seizes Osama’s hard drives
– Likely encrypted.
– If using AES-256, would take longer than the age of the universe to crack.
– US Gov has stated “hundred of people” are working to get to the data.

How the internet reacted to the news (PC Magazine)


It only took one tapped phone call
– And a crapload of investigation, tips from a detainee involved in the 9/11 attacks, and 8+ months of surveillance.
White House staff watched live video feed of the raid

DNA used to identify him
– CIA had DNA from Osama’s half-sister on file, who died in the US from cancer several years ago.


Twitter announcement from WhiteHouse (1337!)

Pre-empted the final moments of Celebrity Apprentice
– Stab at Trump over birth certificate “conspiracy”? (FUNNY PIC) (ANOTHER PIC)
– Related: Press dinner speech highlights (hilarious video)
IT pro living in Pakistan accidentally live Tweeted the whole operation



Mis-quoted MLK
– Originated on Facebook, misquoted and is popping up all over the internet now

Late night comedian one-liner round-up

Internet funnies:
Pic — gamer face
Pic — sad but true
Pic — mission accomplished 1 // mission accomplished 2
Pic — location tracking
Pic — should have captured him
Pic — Fox News “accidentally” spells it wrong
Tweet — epic monster movie
Tweet — disney week
Tweet — hide & go seek
Tweet —
IE is next!


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