MailSack Blowout | FauxShow 209

MailSack Blowout | FauxShow 209

Angela and Chris go over the latest and greatest feedback from this year including suggestions, questions, and some humorous help.

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Show Notes

Cory Writes:

Hey Chris, huge fan of the show. I live in Spokane and was curious if you guys ever did any internships. I love linux and have been running it as early as my teen years with the days of early days of Ubuntu. Just a thought! Keep up the great work. You guys are amazing.

Michael Writes:

before I forget a small suggestion, have you thought about putting one of those cool “jupitor’ square (triangle) news things on the live mic. (like NBC news etc)

It looks cool, and stops people from wanting to grab the mic away from the interviewer.

The tech on the show was just fantastic, and that everyone knows LAS and supports it is great for you guys, but more importantly, its great for Linux.

Thanks for that.

Lord Drakk Writes:

Here is the definitive pronunciation guide for the internet.
Now Chris has no excuse for mispronouncing stuff during the show.

We Love Ya Man!

Jakes Writes:

I was watching your Special Friday edition of Tech Talk Today and Chris was talking about weight managment and getting energy so on and so forth. I two have been on a regiment of weight loss and so far have lost about 20 lbs. since January of this year. I want to lose 30 lbs. by my birthday in March and ultimately 100 lbs. by next year.

One of the biggest curves I had was to break the mental urge to eat especially when I was bored. It even was so bad that it felt that I was having withdrawls. What has been helping me through this phase is just documenting and adjusting my eating habits. Infact I have done so well that on average my calorie intake has been around 1700/net a day. I walk every other day and I also started to do targeted weightlifing. Especially in areas of the most concetrated fat.

I am writing this to let you know that you are not alone in this effort and I wish you the best of luck in your goals.

— The Friendly Giant of the Midwest


Jared Writes:

I’m not sure what happened, but I remember reading a thread somewhere about your unprofessional behavior in the last unfilter ep. Maybe I missed it because I don’t listen to the subscriber’s show regularly but it was something something unprofessional something something cannabis show? Anyway, that thread made me double my patreon pledge to you guys. I know some people in that thread said they were dropping out because of whatever happened, well as someone who appreciates where you are going with this I felt I had to put up or shut up. Make a cannabis show. I’ll listen the fuck out of that. You know who else will? Stoners. We are fucking everywhere. I loved your rant in Unfilter 133. Keep up the good work.
Permission: I grant permission to read or post this feedback on-air and/or on the website.

Michael Writes:

Hi Chris and Allan,

Congratulations on making it to 200 without skipping a beat. Wow.

I have a two plus hour commute every day, and listening to Techsnap (and BSDnow) makes the drive easier and is an excellent use of the time.

You are my main source of tech news, and help me to keep with all sorts of the latest tech developments.

I have been in IT for more years than I care to remember, including a few way back in the 90s as a part-time unix sys admin. Unfortunately I am now largely hands off :-(. On the plus side I can inform and influence the directions our team, which includes about ten developers and a couple of admins, takes.

Connecting the dots, Techsnap informs and influences me, which in turn helps inform and influence my colleagues, our team and projects.

Thank you for your impressive time and effort. You have helped me be better at my job.

Looking forward to the next two hundred :-).

Michael, Adelaide, Australia

Philipp Writes:

To revive an old tradition!

Corey Writes:

Hi Chris and Angela!

A local brewery came out with a new beer recently, it’s a Star Trek themed beer called Klingon Warnog, and it’s fantastic. It’s a very nice Roggen Dunkel, which is a Rye based dark German lager, very nice bit of spice to it, with and a wonderful dry finish. I picked one up for myself when it was released, and I thought Chris would absolutely love this, being a fan of not only beer, but Star Trek as well. So I was at the store today, and I said what the hell, and I bought one for him. I would like to ship it to you if that’s ok with you guys. Feel free to email me to let me know if it’s ok to send this to you. Anyways, keep up the good work! I absolutely love all the hard work you guys put in to keeping this website awesome.

(Attached is a picture of the front of the can)

Corey (Theniz)



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