Flinstones Pebble | Tech Talk Today 138

Flinstones Pebble | Tech Talk Today 138

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 looks hot but is the Edge a gimmick? Pebble’s new watches have a brilliant feature, Google backs away from Android Encryption & Mozilla is shut out of summer of code.

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Show Notes:

Pebble Reveals Pebble Time Steel And A Smartstrap System Open To Hardware Developers | TechCrunch

The Pebble Smartband system is an open hardware platform, which lets hardware makers use a port on the back of the watch combined with the quick release band tech Pebble employs to add features to the watch via sensors, electronics, and even batteries built into swappable straps. You could add a heart rate monitor, for instance, or a GPS chip for improved run tracking and fitness powers; a spare battery to bump up the life of the Pebble to multiple weeks; or environmental sensors to tell you about air quality and temperature.

Exclusive: Obama sharply criticizes China’s plans for new technology rules | Reuters

President Barack Obama on Monday sharply criticized China’s plans for new rules on U.S. tech companies, urging Beijing to change the policy if it wants to do business with the United States and saying he had raised it with President Xi Jinping.

Game developers favor Steam and PC over other platforms | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi

About 75 percent of game developers say that Steam and the PC platform is “very important” for the future of the game industry, according to a survey by the International Game Developers Association.

Windows 10: A closer look at Cortana integration with Spartan (with video)

Cortana integration is one feature that stood out to me when Microsoft unveiled Spartan back in January. The idea is simple, Cortana surfs the web with you, occasionally pulling in useful information that can help you out. Say for example you visit a business’s website, Cortana will attempt to find important information about the business that she thinks you might want to know, including opening hours, location, phone numbers and reviews.

Google quietly backs away from encrypting new Lollipop devices by default | Ars Technica

But we’re starting to see new Lollipop phones from Google’s partners, and they aren’t encrypted by default, contradicting Google’s previous statements. At some point between the original announcement in September of 2014 and the publication of the Android 5.0 hardware requirements in January of 2015, Google apparently decided to relax the requirement, pushing it off to some future version of Android.

Mozilla not accepted for Google Summer of Code 2015 – Florian Qu├Ęze

After a quick email exchange with Google last night, here is the additional information I have:

  • not accepting Mozilla was a difficult decision for them. It is not the result of a mistake on our part or an accident on their side.
  • there’s an assumption that not participating for one year would not be as damaging for us as it would be for some other organizations, due to us having already participated many times.
  • this event doesn’t affect negatively our chances of being selected next year, and we are encouraged to apply again.

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