Ubuntu MATE Gets Legit | LINUX Unplugged 82

Ubuntu MATE Gets Legit | LINUX Unplugged 82

We round out our SCALE13x coverage with a few more exclusive interviews, then get an update on the fast growing Ubuntu MATE project.

Plus a look back at Gnome 1.0’s release, Firefox OS on a pocket watch, the great wearable debate & much more!

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LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA • April 25th & 26th


SCALE13x Interviews

SCALE 13x | 13x

Michael Dexter will be giving the talk, “FreeBSD Virtualization Options” on SCALE 13x Saturday at 4:30. A long-time BSD user, Michael comes down from Portland to speak, and the SCALE Team caught up with Michael to ask him a few questions about his presentation.

The odyssey that brought Ruth Suehle to the keynoter’s post for SCALE 13x is . . how can we put this? . . . unique. But we’ll let her tell the tale while we inform you that Ruth is keynoting on Sunday at SCALE 13x. The SCALE Team caught up with Ruth to talk to her about Sunday’s keynote.

Matt Davis will be giving his presentation on Measuring Distributed Databased Across the Globe on SCALE 13x Sunday at 11:30. The SCALE Team caught up with Matt to ask him about his talk.

Linux Academy

Ubuntu MATE February 2015 supporters | Ubuntu MATE

Many thanks to everyone who donated to the Ubuntu MATE community this
month. You have been generous as always and ensured that we can meet all
the costs associated with running the Ubuntu MATE project and the
community site. In fact, this month we are able to reward some other
projects that Ubuntu MATE benefits from.

If the torrent I downloaded is any indication — it had almost triple the number of seeders compared to the rest of the flavors — Ubuntu MATE is going to be a very popular release. That said, I’d wait for the second beta at least before jumping in with both feet.

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