Pandora’s XBox | Tech Talk Today 140

Pandora’s XBox | Tech Talk Today 140

Microsoft begins to open up the Xbox to developers but the devil is in the details. The VR wars begin at GDC this year, with a clear split between desktop VR & mobile VR. We debate which might be the better approach.

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Show Notes:

Microsoft launches Xbox One SDK to let any developer build apps for its console

While the software maker has had a private SDK since the console’s launch, that will start to go a lot more public today. At the Games Developer Conference (GDC) today, Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft is launching its Xbox One SDK today to select testers, with plans to let any developer access the SDK in the coming months.

Oculus VR Will Go “Full Consumer” With Samsung by Year’s End | Re/code

Oculus VR’s mobile virtual reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR, will get a full-on consumer push by the end of the year, CTO John Carmack said today at the Game Developers Conference.

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