Alrighty Thor | J@N | 5.5.11

Alrighty Thor | J@N | 5.5.11

Superhero movie? You bet we’re excited! This weekend marks the release of the next portion of the Avengers franchise, “Thor.” We’re getting HAMMERED on all the geeky reviews and insider footage coming out, in preparation for an epic release this weekend.

But we have issues to discuss! Will we see it in 3D? Isn’t Thor supposed to be a god? Aren’t his powers mystical in origin? And what about Syfy’s ripoff movie coming out this SAME weekend? What does this movie’s success or failure mean to the continuation of the Avengers series of movies?

Join the discussion, and hear what we have to say about this weekend’s big box office version of Ragnarok!

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Show Notes:

Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Metacritic: 60/100
Favorable response to film as a whole is sparking sequel talk

Early viewers do NOT recommend the 3D version (looks better in 2D)
– Perhaps attributed to the color palette used in Asgard (gold/brown/black – details get blurred)

10 minutes of Behind The Scenes footage: Part 1 // Part 2


Thor is Science Fiction in this movie
– Origin story was totally mythological, but changed in the 90s to being alien technology
* Video Link :
– “indistinguishable from magic”

SyFy movie by the same name?
Thor is public domain. So are a few other superheroes!
– “The bible itself is just a fan fiction anthology.”

Captain America will get a new costume for “Avengers”

Other movie links:

A great write-up with lots of behind-the-scenes info, courtesy of

Thor’s powers get stolen a lot
A gallery of high res stills
A look at LOKI, who is confirmed as involved in the Avengers movie
– Being compared favorably to Baltar (BSG)
– Performance has received nothing but praise, so far


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