On the Verge of Convergence | LINUX Unplugged 84

On the Verge of Convergence | LINUX Unplugged 84

We get the scoop on how Ubuntu Touch plans to tackle Android’s market share & the challenges involved in moving some of our favorite desktop Linux apps to Ubuntu touch.

Plus what makes the perfect laptop for our crew, why the future of Btrfs looks very bright & an Ubuntu MATE Update.

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Like most people, I find myself using the same VoIP options everyone else is using. Thankfully, these days there are far more options available than what we might think. Today, I’ll look at these options and also explore up-and-coming alternatives as well.


Here you can install everything needed to get developing apps and scopes for Ubuntu.

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Dell’s Linux PC sequel still “just works”—but it adds 4K screen and rough edges | Ars Technica

For $1,533 out of the gate or about $2,080 as tested, is the M3800 Developer Edition worth it?

Sure—if you want a fast, well-built, well-equipped 4K laptop preloaded with Ubuntu, with most of the potential edge-case configuration issues already taken care of, with an active set of developers working to ensure that the necessary repos are kept current, and with an actual, for-real OEM warranty and support.

The Good
  • Ubuntu 14.04, factory-preconfigured to just work
  • Barton George and the other Dell engineers worry about packages and drivers so you don’t have to
  • High-quality build: no squeaks, no rattles, no shimmies
  • 16GB of RAM, the potential for a large SSD, and a Haswell i7 CPU mean it’s got plenty of guts as a developer’s workstation
  • Reasonable amount of upgradeability
  • Display is bright, beautiful, and works with Ubuntu 14.04 (including the multitouch functionality)
The Bad
  • Thunderbolt port doesn’t really work in Ubuntu
  • Application-level 4k scaling issues are pretty much all over the place
  • If all you’re after is Linux on a laptop, you can do it for cheaper than the M3800’s starting price
  • I kind of hoped the Dell logo on the back would light up, but sadly it doesn’t
The Ugly
  • Battery life with the Nvidia GPU enabled is far too short for a day’s worth of working

Linux Academy

The future of Linux storage | ZDNet

For instance, Chris Mason, a Facebook software engineer and one of the _Btrfs(pronounced Butter FS) maintainers, explained how Facebook uses this file system. Btrfs has many advantages as a file system such as the ability to handle both numerous small files and single files as large as 16 exabytes; baked in RAID; built-in file-system compression; and integrated multi-storage device support._

Ubuntu MATE – Community – Google+

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