Google Got Caught | Tech Talk Today 147

Google Got Caught | Tech Talk Today 147

The FTC found Google is abusing their monopoly position, but buried their case in 2013. We share the revealing details. Facebook has big plans for Messenger, Augmented VR gets teased…

Then our Kickstarter of the week might just blow your mind!

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Show Notes:

FTC Report: Google Purposely Demoted Competing Shopping Sites

Google deliberately blacklisted competing shopping search sites, despite the company’s past claims that it doesn’t target competitors this way, according to new details of the US Federal Trade Commission investigation into Google on anti-trust charges, found by the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ obtained a 160 page FTC staff report from the investigation, finding that the FTC should move ahead with an anti-trust lawsuit on several fronts. Our own summary of the WSJ story can be found on our sister-site, Search Engine Land. FTC commissioners ultimately chose to settle with Google in 2013 rather than pursue legal action.

Inside the U.S. Antitrust Probe of Google – WSJ

Officials at the Federal Trade Commission concluded in 2012 that Google Inc. used anticompetitive tactics and abused its monopoly power in ways that harmed Internet users and rivals, a far harsher analysis of Google’s business than was previously known.

Facebook Plans To Turn Messenger Into A Platform | TechCrunch

At first, Facebook will focus on how third parties can build ways for content and information to flow through Messenger. Depending on the success of the early experiments, Facebook may then mull bringing more utilities to Messenger.

Watch Magic Leap’s Video Of Seamless Augmented Reality Office Game Play | TechCrunch

The company isn’t saying whether the video above is pure concept, or an example of live software running on its platform (the involvement of Weta tends to suggest the former), but it did confirm to TechCrunch that it is the source of the YouTube upload. If they can make good on this kind of promise, than the initial excitement and big funding rounds will start to make a lot more sense.

Amazon just got permission from the FAA to start testing its delivery drones in the US | The Verge

The FAA has issued a special “experimental airworthiness certificate” to Amazon, allowing the company to conduct outdoor research, testing, and training of its Prime Air delivery drones.

Spark Electron: Cellular dev kit with a simple data plan by Spark IO — Kickstarter

The M2M world was set up for the types of companies that make industrial products like shipping containers, vending machines, and ATMs. These old-school industries still have old-school practices. If you want to get some M2M SIM cards, you’ve got to get on the phone with somebody. You need an account manager, you’ve got to sign a bunch of paperwork, and it’ll be months before you even see a price sheet. The industry is set up for big, established companies that already know how to navigate telcos, not for individuals. And if you’re not in the club already, it’s hard to gain entrance.

Linux Action Show at LFNW | Teespring

We are releasing another set of LAS shirts in preparation for LinuxFest Northwest which is at the end of April 2015! We hope to color Bellingham Technical College with LAS supporters donning their favorite Linux podcast!

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