Awkward Things | FauxShow 212

Awkward Things | FauxShow 212

Angela and Chris over some weird little known facts about our bodies including tonsil stones, periods, farting in our sleep, and sending dicks by mail!

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Show Notes

Snoosaphone Writes:

Hello JB,

Just wanted to send a message to everyone at Jupiter Broadcasting to let you know how wonderful I’ve found all of the shows. I got hooked on LAS and soon got sucked into listening/watching every single show (sometimes at work). It would be quite amazing to work with a group such as yours though I’m not entirely sure if that could happen due to my home residing in Minnesota.

Which brings me to the second part. If there is a way to help out with anything from a distance let me know! Not sure what the needs are for JB, but I thought it would be nice to at least offer and see where it goes.

On to the final and quite a bit more serious point to this email. After watching Tech Talk Today Ep. 137, I’ve been thinking about whether or not it would be good to share my thoughts on the health reboot for Chris. Finally the barriers have broken down and here it is: There is one primarily glaring issue for all of the problems he/you are having, which is stress (or rather the handling of). Over many years I had dealt with many of the same issues, and in some ways still do. The number one thing that helped me was taking a step back. Putting distance between oneself and the sources of stress. Now of course that is highly easy to say and very difficult to implement, but it’s necessary to look at all of the angles in order to solve a problem. The number one solution I found for my stress management came down to taking a 10 minute “meditation” a couple times a week. The fixes are sometimes small and easy, so just keep looking if you haven’t found yours yet.

Of course, I’m a random person on the internet and such advice should be taken skeptically, but a it seemed like a good perspective to share.

Best regards,


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