Evolve Your OS | LINUX Unplugged 86

Evolve Your OS | LINUX Unplugged 86

The proprietor of Evolve OS stops by to discuss what makes Evolve OS a unique Linux desktop & the challenges smaller projects face getting coverage and attention.

Plus a look at tiny powerful Linux hardware gadget that we think might be worth backing, a debate about “the look” of Linux apps & more!

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The award for the best open source photo management application went to digiKam.

This repository contains the gnome 3.16 runtimes, org.gnome.Platform, as well as a smaller one that is useful for less integrated apps (like games) called org.freedesktop.Platform. It also has corresponding develoment runtimes (org.gnome.Sdk and org.freedesktop.Sdk) that you can use to create applications for the platforms.

Linux Academy

Right, this has been stopping me from sleeping from a while because it has wound me up quite a lot. (slightly sarcastic)

On a certain episode of L.U.P Chris questioned how Ubuntu applications (made with the Ubuntu SDK) would look on non Ubuntu desktop environments, and quite rightly so came to the conclusion of “well, they would look out of place”. Fine.

Lets stop right now and talk about something else, Gnome “Apps”. Gnome Apps are fucking shit under anything that isn’t Gnome, however nobody is giving Gnome a hard time over this. Gnome is shitting all over everyone else with their poorly designed applications and the Ubuntu Desktop and other desktops are suffering because of it.

LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA • April 25th & 26th

Holy cookies I did it..

I created a Jupiter Broadcasting Meetup group. I was inspired by the idea of how nice it would be to have a rough idea of how many folks will be making it out to LFNW. Just to help with planning.

But I realized my long-term plans are a bit more ambitious. As the weather gets nice in the Seattle area, I’d like to hold semi-frequent meetups with Jupiter Colony members that are in the area. Maybe once a month, record them, or stream them. Eat, chat, maybe even create show content.

Also as we travel to other fests, or hit the road, I’d like to have a tool to suss out interest in your area.

So after LFNW I’d like to use the group for that kind of stuff, which sounds like a lot of fun to me!



Onion Omega: Invention Platform for the Internet of Things by Onion — Kickstarter

Tiny but powerful Linux + WiFi development board. With Cloud Integration & App Store, making hardware is as easy as installing apps!


Show distro coverage criteria: what do you suggest? Here are my thoughts.

Evolve OS

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