Apple’s iPad Plateau | Tech Talk Today 153

Apple’s iPad Plateau | Tech Talk Today 153

Google cuts Android malware in half, Netflix’s first born grows up & as the iPad turns 5 we look at the slowdown of the tablet market.

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The Daily Source Code (DSC) is a podcast by Adam Curry, often considered a pioneer of podcasting. Curry talks about his everyday life and events in the podcasting scene or the news in general, as well as playing music from the Podsafe Music Network and promotions for other podcasts.

Google says it cut Android malware in half in 2014 | The Verge

Google has been cracking down on Android malware, and according to a new Android State of the Union report, it’s starting to see real progress in the fight against harmful software.

The report doesn’t mention Android’s recent WebView vulnerability, affecting Android phones running Jelly Bean or older, which Google controversially declined to patch earlier this year.

Netflix deals ‘House of Cards’ a fourth season for 2016 – CNET

The show’s renewal was revealed Thursday by a tweet from Netflix displaying a black image with an upside down American flag and the words: “Season 4 Coming 2016.” Above the image is a line that says: “I will leave a legacy” with the hashtag #Underwood2016.

Apple’s iPad turns 5: Where does it go from here? – CNET

The numbers are staggering. Apple has sold more than 250 million iPads, making it the fastest-selling product in the company’s history. There are more than 675,000 apps designed specifically to run on the tablet.

But the iPad, which first hit the market five years ago Friday, is at a crossroads. Shipments have slumped despite Apple’s best efforts to entice consumers with thinner and smaller models. The question that originally dogged the first iPad — why buy one? — has arisen again with smartphones getting larger and laptops getting lighter and more compact.

Sleep As Android | Google Play

Sleep As Android for other Smartwatch platforms

Swiss Army knife for your sleep. Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings.

Magniglass: Electronic Glasses for Medical and Personal Use – Kickstarter

The project features a high definition pair of video glasses connected to a real time video feed from a small and discreet camera mounted to the top center of the glasses. The video signal is transmitted in to a micro computer mounted in a small box with a lightweight battery pack that has a belt clip to be comfortably worn around your waist. The micro computer will allow control of zoom and contrast for optimized viewing.

The intention of the glasses is to assist those with impaired vision to selectively see items that they previously could not. I hope to be able to add an HDMI input to directly connect your TV to the glasses for improved viewing.

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