Get A Job, You Linux Bum! | LAS 359

Get A Job, You Linux Bum! | LAS 359

Have you ever thought it’s better to create a job then apply for one? This week we dive into what it takes to build a business that runs on open source & supports open source.

Plus Microsoft’s surprise move, openSUSE jumps ahead, running just about any Android app under Linux & more!

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Runs Linux

Bowling Alley Runs Linux

Sent in by douglascodes

I was at a work party at a bowling alley last night. There were some problems with the alley score system and they had to reboot, so I took some pics of the startup. I wasn’t able to catch it in these pictures. But it is running Ubuntu 10.10.

Desktop App Pick

ClipGrab – Free YouTube Downloader & Converter

ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many other online video sites.

It converts downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats in just one easy step.

Weekly Spotlight

Go For It!

Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app, featuring a to-do list, merged with a timer that keeps your focus on the current task. To-do lists are stored in the Todo.txt format. This simplifies synchronization with mobile devices and makes it possible to edit tasks using other front-ends, like my Todo.txt Kupfer Plugin. If you already use Todo.txt, beware of the fact, that Go For It! automatically archives completed tasks to the done list!

Project belong to community member mank319

Sent in by dardevelin

Jupiter Broadcasting Meetup

Our Past Picks

These are the weekly picks provided by the Jupiter Broadcasting podcast, the Linux Action Show.

This site includes a separate picks lists for the “Runs Linux”, Desktop Apps, Spotlight Picks, Android Picks, and Distro Picks.

— NEWS —

Microsoft Adopts ODF

Microsoft has confirmed it will start supporting the Open Documents Format (ODF) in the next update to Office 365, following a lengthy battle against the UK government.
In 2014, Microsoft went against the government’s request to support ODF, claiming its own XML format was more heavily adopted. The UK government refutes the claim, stating that ODF allows users to not be boxed into one ecosystem.

Gnome 3.16 systemd-journal coming in next Tumbleweed snapshot

It’s official, Gnome will be in the next Tumbleweed snapshot and the development experience is highly anticipated. A clean installation works, but the guys are working on one last test before its released. We’re not promising an early Easter gift, but Tumbleweed users won’t have to wait long for Gnome’s latest upgrade.

A small change to Linux can be seen in Tumbleweed with a change from the syslog to systemd-journal; the systemd-journal as a binary file needs special tools to look at it.

Audacity 2.1.0 Released

  • For a long time, we have wanted Real-Time Preview for effects.
    It seemed nearly unachievable without major restructuring.
    But with Audacity 2.1.0, we have it in
    LADSPA, VST, and Audio Unit (OS X) effects!
    Thanks to Leland Lucius for these great new capabilities!
  • Much improved
    Noise Reduction
    effect replaces Noise Removal. Thanks to new contributor Paul Licameli!
  • Lots of other improvements to effects, also thanks to Leland, including:
    • VST: FXB preset banks, hosting multiple plugins
    • All effects can now be used in Chains, and can be sorted on name, publisher, or class.
    • Most Nyquist effects now have Preview button.
  • Redesigned Meter Toolbars show a lot more information in smaller area. Thanks, Leland Lucius and James Crook!
  • Spectral Selection
    in Spectrogram view. Thanks to Paul Licameli!

How to Install and Run Android Apps in a Linux OS

Basically, anyone with a computer will be able to get an APK file and get it running inside the Google Chrome browser with a minimum amount of effort. What’s even more interesting is that the app only needs Google Chrome installer, it doesn’t need it to run. If you check the background processes, you will notice that a Chrome one is running along with the Arc Welder.

Gentoo, after 10 years, has a new website! – not April Fools this time!

Blender New Version 2.74 Is Out With New Tools And Improvements

The Blender Institute’s sixth film project, codenamed Gooseberry, is in deep into the most open production from the Blender Institute yet. If you’ve been following the project so far, then you already have a sense of what Blender means by an “open production”—lots of sharing.


“Built on top of Nagios you say?”
Yes, with some added features like proper report generation, a sweet REST API, easy to use load-balancing/redundancy, a business logic engine and of course commercial support!

PS: I managed to sneak in a JB shout-out in one of our cheesy promo videos:


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