Beyond Season 4 | STOked 81

Beyond Season 4 | STOked 81

Our attention recently has been on the Foundry, and season 4. Thanks to a bunch of recent news from Cryptic, we’re starting to get a good picture of what’s coming to Star Trek Online after Season 4.

We’ve collected the best of what to expect, a peak at the new Jupiter uniform, and some tweet leaks!

Plus – We’ve replayed the Breen featured episodes, and share our thoughts on the rewards.

This week’s episode wraps with a brand-new community feedback question, be sure to vote in our poll!

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Show Notes:


May 2011 Ask Cryptic
– Major Borg overhaul coming soon (STO and TNG variants) soon after S4 release
– Xindi and Sphere Builders are listed as “possible baddies” for future FEs.
– Series 4 near DS9
– Fleet Alliances/Wars — Season 5 (or beyond)
– Customizable “ship” uniforms (for interiors) in 2012
– More KDF ships at all levels (2012)
– Centerpiece of Season 5: End Game & Fleet Features
– Feels like he’s using Season 5 / 2012 interchangeably
* 6+ months with no major feature upgrades? Just content?
– No Constitution refit (Tip about squad leading / scaling)

Design The Next Enterprise WINNER!
– A few rough renders courtesy of a TrekBBS member
– Some answered questions
– Ambassador (Ent-C) in 2012

Section 31 Uniforms on the C-Store (VID)

Sneak Peak at “Jupiter” uniform (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Pic 1 // Pic 2 // Pic 3 // Pic 4 // Pic 5

Tweet Leaks
– Possible 2409 Mirror Fed uniforms:
– Fighter Craft: Peregrine (Fed) and To’duj (KDF)
– Finalist board for DTNE contest:
– Another shot of the ground combat reticle in action:

Literary Challenge #1 (for Writers)
– Hosted by WishStone on the forums

Breen Featured Episode Rerun
New Set rewards (Hope for a ground set from the Devidian rerun?)
– Emblems/Marks and Breen boff are limited time only. Set pieces are permanent.
Cold Case Puzzle solution graphic

For Trekkies:
Live Blogging Rewatch of TNG episodes


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What Makes a Good Enterprise?

– Kirk rocks the bird of prey

Foundry Picks:
FED: Spirits of Ramok Nor
KDF: Damocles’ Mirror


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