Churning Over Btrfs | LINUX Unplugged 88

Churning Over Btrfs | LINUX Unplugged 88

Our discussion of Linux filesystems goes in depth this week as our LUG sorts out the best filesystem for your Linux desktop, server, laptop & mobile. Plus a few corrections from last week & lots of follow up.

We also look at the release of Linux 4.0, some of the more humorous press coverage it’s received & the “big feature” Linus could care less about.

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Catch Up:

4.0 doesn’t have all that much special. Much have been
made of the new kernel patching infrastructure, but realistically,
that not only wasn’t the reason for the version number change, we’ve
had much bigger changes in other versions. So this is very much a
“solid code progress” release


Dell XPS 13

LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA • April 25th & 26th

Holy cookies I did it..

I created a Jupiter Broadcasting Meetup group. I was inspired by the idea of how nice it would be to have a rough idea of how many folks will be making it out to LFNW. Just to help with planning.


Linux Academy

The Death of Chris’ #1 Rig

Death of my #1 Rig Captured

Why I think btrfs remains the future for those who want it

Chris on the latest episode of Unplugged took the time to vent his latest frustration with btrfs. The issue in question is a bug that causes arch not to boot on 3.19.1-3, 3.18.9 and 3.14.35. I and quite a few others have experienced this on our Arch btrfs setups and I enjoyed fixing this issue for the same reason I enjoyed fixing libxcursor and radeon bugs that caused my system not to boot.

Easy rollback after update (btrfs and grub).

Hope anyone can find this useful when dealing with bleeding edge breakage 🙂

OS Backups…

How PC-BSD Does it…

  • Stable kernel version 3.19.1+ can cause a deadlock at mount time
    • workaround: boot with older kernel, or run btrfs-zero-log to clear the log (beware of the consequences)
    • fix: scheduled for 3.19.4, or apply 9c4f61f01d269815bb7c37.
    • also affected: 3.14.35+, 3.18.9+
  • Versions from 3.15 up to 3.16.1 suffer from a deadlock that was observed during heavy rsync workloads with compression on, it’s recommended to use 3.16.2 and newer

The server edition of Fedora 22 is using the XFS file-system by default rather than EXT4.

Using the XFS file-system as the default within an LVM has been part of the Fedora Server technical spec while with Fedora 22 it’s finally happened. The default layout for Fedora Server 22 installations is using XFS atop LVM while /boot is outside the LVM setup.


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