Microsoft Bumps, Bruises & Bribes | Tech Talk Today 158

Microsoft Bumps, Bruises & Bribes | Tech Talk Today 158

Microsoft suffers a few major set back today & one rather important win. We’ll break it all down and talk about the long-term impact. Plus Google and the EU get into a tussle & Ikea has the solution to your power hungry smart device.

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Show Notes:

Yahoo renews Microsoft search partnership – Business Insider

There are two major changes.

  • Yahoo was responsible for the sales relationships for Bing search ads under the partnerships previously. All of those sales relationships are going to come under Microsoft in the coming months.
  • The new deal now only requires Yahoo to pull a majority of its traffic from the Bing ads marketplace. Just 51%, rather than the 100% it was required to pull before. That means the other 49% of Yahoo’s search traffic could be monetized by Yahoo’s own ad units or by another search provider, like Google.

The are some HUGE ramifications:

  • Yahoo has a lot of flexibility with the 49% of its search traffic that doesn’t have to be monetized by Bing. It could sell that traffic to Google, for example. That would immediately boost Yahoo’s revenues. One reason that may not happen is that, back in 2009, Yahoo tried to do a search ads deal with Google, and the Department of Justice scared Google out of it. Also, Mayer talks a lot about Yahoo’s own ads product, Gemini.
  • Yahoo will probably be able to cut costs, shrinking its search ads sales force.
  • Microsoft will have to hire a search ads force over the next couple months.

Verizon and AT&T Won’t Pre-Install Three Microsoft Apps on Samsung S6 – Digits – WSJ

Google and the EU — What’s Next? | Re/code

Google’s antitrust standoff with the European Union, a tumultuous legal tug-of-war begun in February 2010, reached a climax this morning with the EU laying the foundation for a formal complaint against Google for abusing its market position.

WikiLeaks Releases an Archive of Hacked Sony Emails

Microsoft will bundle its apps on Cyanogen’s Android OS | The Verge

Rumors of a Microsoft and Cyanogen partnership have been making the rounds recently, and the Android mod maker is confirming them today. In an email to The Verge, Cyanogen says it’s partnering with Microsoft to integrate the software giant’s consumer apps and services into the Cyanogen OS. Bing, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, and Microsoft Office will all be bundled later this year. As part of the partnership, Microsoft has committed to creating “native integrations” on Cyanogen OS.

These native integrations will likely result in increased integration for Microsoft’s apps and services in a way the company has been trialling recently with Android. Microsoft has experimented with a number of Android apps, and even a Next Lock Screen that aims to replace the traditional lock screen of Google’s Android OS. These experiments, and Microsoft’s many Android apps, are all aimed at pulling consumers away from Google services on Android.

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