Skyprosoft | J@N | 5.10.11

Skyprosoft | J@N | 5.10.11

We react to Microsoft’s purchase of Skype, and share our thoughts, predictions, and a full round up of analyst chatter. Plus find out why Microsoft might be getting a bit of a deal on this massive $8.5B purchase!

Plus – Our quick thoughts on today’s Google I/O news and a few highlights from today’s announcements from Google!

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Skype acquired by Microsoft
Fears & Hopes
Coming to MS platforms
5 Big TakeawaysSecurity vulnerability on Skype for Mac

MS Not paying US taxes for the $8.5Bill purchase?
“Of Microsoft’s nearly $50.2 billion in cash and liquid investments, about $42 billion is held in foreign subsidiaries and would otherwise be subject to a tax hit if the money were brought back to the U.S. Ballmer said it is appropriate to use overseas cash because Skype is headquartered in Luxembourg.”

Chris’s thoughts:
-Xbox 360 integration might finally bring Video calling to the TV in an easy way?
-Crazy VR possibilities with Kinect?
-What does this mean for Skype on Linux? (and Mac?)
-Will skype be built into Windows Phone 7 to compete with facetime and GoogleTalk?

Google I/O:
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Gizmodo coverage:
Engadget coverage:


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