Google Wireless All The Things | Tech Talk Today 161

Google Wireless All The Things | Tech Talk Today 161

The rumors around Google’s own wireless services are on fire, we speculate on Google’s possible path to world domination one mobile at a time.

Plus the trouble with rooting your Galaxy device & why we’re trying to sell a MacBook Pro like its hot!

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Show Notes:

Google Set to Unveil Wireless Service – WSJ

Google Inc. GOOGL 0.63% is set to unveil its new U.S. wireless service as early as Wednesday, pushing the Internet giant further into telecom and injecting fresh uncertainty into a wireless industry already locked in a price war.

In a key development, the service is expected to allow customers to pay only for the amount of data they actually use each month, people familiar with the matter said—a move that could further push carriers to do away with lucrative “breakage.”

Thinking of rooting your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge? Don’t, or you’ll lose this important feature – SamMobile

If you think that Samsung Pay is of no use to you, think again. Samsung Pay debuted with the Galaxy S6, and makes use of your fingerprint to authorize payments through your smartphone at payment gateways. Just like Apple Pay you would think, but that is not the case. Samsung Pay is better than its competitors — Apple Pay and Android Pay — as it is compatible with MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) as well as NFC based payment systems.

Microsoft Announces Device Guard For Windows 10

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Windows 10 called Device Guard, which aims to give administrators full control over what software can or cannot be installed on a device. “It provides better security against malware and zero days for Windows 10 by blocking anything other than trusted apps—which are apps that are signed by specific software vendors, the Windows Store, or even your own organization. … To help protect users from malware, when an app is executed, Windows makes a determination on whether that app is trustworthy, and notifies the user if it is not. Device Guard can use hardware technology and virtualization to isolate that decision making function from the rest of the Windows operating system, which helps provide protection from attackers or malware that have managed to gain full system privilege.” It’s intended to be used in conjunction with traditional anti-virus, not as a replacement.

Star Trek 3 Will Be Titled Star Trek Beyond

Well, according to, who admittedly has a pretty good track record with Trek movie rumors. The title matches the volume-number-less installment of Star Trek Into Darkness, but seems to confirms the new Enterprise crew will finally be going on its five-year mission to explore strange new worlds, etc.

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