Google I/O 2011 | J@N | 5.11.11

Google I/O 2011 | J@N | 5.11.11

Now in its fourth year, Google’s big developer conference just wrapped up after two days. The conference included massive announcements about the future of GoogleTV, ChromeOS, and more. But let’s face it, the spotlight is on Android.

In tonight’s show, we’ll recap some of the highest highlights from I/O, and what they could mean to the future of Google’s impact on our lives both on and away from the web.

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Honeycomb 3.1 features:
– USB device functionality
– Scrolling task manager with resizable widgets
– Coming to GoogleTV this summer, and so is the Android Market

Ice Cream Sandwich: (no version number?)
– One OS that works everywhere, state-of-the-art UI (does this mean no more device-specific?)
** End of fragmentation, easier updating.
– All Open Source (really? I mean, REALLY-really?)
– 3D using head tracking + facial recognition + XOOM camera

Android Market upgrades
– Top App charts (Popular)
– Editor’s Choice (Curated by Google)
– Top Developers (The hottest app devs)
– Related Apps (Based on previous purchases)
– Trending Apps (Keep up with what’s popular at that exact moment)

Movies on Android Market:
– Movies can be rented/purchased, then streamed to any Android device
** “Thousands of movie titles, $1.99 each” (HD = $4.99)
** That’s cool, sure, but isn’t Netflix $8/mo for unlimited streaming, and has mobile apps?
– Demo shows rental purchased on web app, then instantly available in XOOM’s app.
– Includes “pinning” to allow movies to sync in the background for offline viewing.

Android Open Accessory:
– A new API that auto-installs necessary apps when a peripheral or device needs them.
– “Completely open” – no NDA, no fees, no approval required. ADK available now!
– Based on Arduino

New distribution of software updates:
All devices on big list of carriers will receive guaranteed updates for 18 months (if device can handle them).

Google Music:
– Sync over the cloud, no need for wires.
** That sounds stupid. People have thousands of gigs of music, would take HOURS to upload and re-sync.
** Endadget says, “It’s like Dropbox, for music.”
– No word on final pricing, but the service will not be free.
– Also features an auto-playlister of some sort called Instant Mix.

Chrome OS:
– File manager (complete with contextual app buttons, depending on available app installs)
– Integrated media player with full screen mode
– Offline versions of Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc.
Now available on devices intended for puchase! Made by Samsung and Acer
– Also the “Chromebox” which is intended for business environments. Not much other info

Google TV:
– New interface using Honeycomb looks more like Android, less like TV.
– Multi-screen apps are going to be pushed in a big way.
** Example: Poker games, with a central display of the table, and personal devices for hands.

Galaxy TAB 10.1” given out to attendees.
Chromebooks given to all attendees.


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