Uber Eats The Competition | Tech Talk Today 164

Uber Eats The Competition | Tech Talk Today 164

Apple sells 61 million iPhones in a quarter, Uber announces a food delivery service & it looks like the Nexus 7 is officially dead!

Plus the Steam Mod controversy gets swift action, your feedback & more!

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Show Notes:

Apple Reports Record March Quarter Results of $13.6B Profit on $58B Revenue, Boosts Dividend and Buybacks

Apple Revenue by Quater

Apple today announced financial results for the second fiscal quarter and first calendar quarter of 2015. For the quarter, Apple posted revenue of $58 billion and net quarterly profit of $13.6 billion

Aside from revenue and profit, Apple disclosed sales numbers or revenue for the these categories:

  • iPhone: 61.1 million units
  • iPad: 12.6 million units
  • Mac: 4.5 million units


  • Revenue: $58 billion
  • EPS: $2.33 per share

Pour one out: The Nexus 7 is finally dead | TechRadar

Want to buy yourself a Nexus 7? It’s not going to happen. Google has apparently given up on selling the 7-inch device directly to consumers, choosing instead to focus on the Nexus 9.

But the bad news is that the larger, newer tablet isn’t hitting the heights the Nexus slate managed during 2013 and 2014, with Google’s earnings call confirming that the tablet isn’t performing as well as its predecessor.

In fact, both the Nexus 9 and smartphone Nexus 6 aren’t selling in the same numbers that Google has hoped they would, with the search giant confirming that the loss of Nexus sales had led to a drop in revenue quarter over quarter.

Uber is bringing its food delivery service to New York City and Chicago | The Verge

An Uber representative told The Verge that UberEats has its own dedicated drivers. Lunch options will range from $9 to $12, while dinner options will range from $10 to $15. The Uber rep said meals come with a $3 delivery fee ($4 in New York City), regardless of the number of meals you order.

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