Microsoft BUILDs for Linux | Tech Talk Today 165

Microsoft BUILDs for Linux | Tech Talk Today 165

Live commentary of Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference, as they deploy applications on Docker & blow our minds with their new Linux desktop app!

Plus Google Now just got better & Ubuntu goes back to the desktop!

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Show Notes:

Windows + Android?

Microsoft will most likely announce this week that it will enable customers to run Android apps on their Windows 10 phones, tablets and PCs. The timing ostensibly makes sense, as the software giant’s Build conference, held this week in San Francisco, targets developers. But I wonder what message this change will send to developers and users, especially at a time when the company is also pushing a universal app strategy centered on Windows.

Spotify, RunKeeper, and other Android apps get their own Google Now cards

Spotify can recommend playlists based on your listening history; the same is true for TuneIn Radio and YouTube. Zipcar will remind users when their car reservation is set to expire and provide quick links for navigating to the drop-off location or extending the rental. Fitness apps from RunKeeper, Jawbone, and Adidas can now remind you of your daily goals and encourage you to work toward them. You can keep up with breaking news by enabling cards from ABC News, Circa, or Feedly. And there’s even an OpenTable Google Now card that will let you pay your dinner bill with a tap.

Announcing the next Ubuntu Online Summit

While the focus on development in the last few cycles has been on shaping up and implementing the phone, this doesn’t mean other key parts of the project have been left out. The phone has helped create the platform and tools that will ultimately bring all these projects together, into a converged code base and user experience. From desktop to phone, to the cloud, to things, and back to the desktop.

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