Apple Watch vs Android Wear | FauxShow 213

Apple Watch vs Android Wear | FauxShow 213

Angela and Chris compare their smart watches and wear. They go through their motivation for wearing watches in the first place, which features are important, and the pros and cons of each.

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Radek Writes:

Just a quick though – consider adding a full list of referral links on donate/contact page (with maybe a list of shows/codes to support)… For those that don’t listen/watch a particular show but still would like to support JB.

David Writes:

I’m thinking it would be courteous if there were a check-box item on your contact form to copy submissions to JB back to the poster.

Seems, fair, no? You’ve got our e-mail addy.

Robyn Writes:

So, I stumbled on your show about 4 days ago and I haven’t been able to stop listening. It just so happens I’m in transition and looking to find a job that I can do out of my home. I have no idea if I could be good at this but I’m interested to find out. I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on how to get started.

And by the way, your show ROCKS! Love hearing the guest speakers and all of you are very inspirational.



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