Middle School Sex Ed Test | FauxShow 214

Middle School Sex Ed Test | FauxShow 214

Angela & Chris take a middle school sexual education quiz from Buzzfeed along with the lower thirds help to see if they know the answers.

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Show Notes

Main Topic:
+ Can You Pass This Middle School Sex Ed Exam?

Jan Writes:

Hi, I’m watch your shows (semi-regularly since I was mainly a fan of STOked and I Still re-watch the old STOked episodes, mainly the Cutting the Cord “STOked 73”, because I finally managed to team up with Chris on that mission with my colorfull party suit ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I just have 1 question: Has there ever been any talk about “giving re-birth” to STOked with Chris as host? I think I know the answer for this but hey, I just wanted to ask.

Again, I love jupiter broadcasting and I miss STOked with Chris (and jman even tho he became a dev) and I hope you guys & gals at Jupiter Broadcasting continue to have fun doing what you do, because its awsome.

Great love from Norway! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bob Writes:

I have been watching LAS for almost 3 years now. And i love the show. And love a lot of other shows like Tech Talk Today and Tech Snap

About 4 or 6 months ago you had a show. Not sure if it was on LAS, Tech Talk Today or How to Linux. You and a guest who I never seen before or since showed how to install the latest Gnome desktop on Ubuntu. I think with a PPA.

If you know what show this was. And have the time to get back to me. Would send me name of the show and the episode number?

The episode in question was episode 330 – Switching Ubuntu to Gnome!


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