Browser Pirates | Tech Talk Today 173

Browser Pirates | Tech Talk Today 173

Another major flaw in consumer routers needs patched ASAP, the tech of sending messages via tone comes to Chrome & Popcorn Hour lands in your web browser, but there’s a major catch.

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Critical vulnerability in NetUSB driver exposes millions of routers to hacking | PCWorld

Millions of routers and other embedded devices are affected by a serious vulnerability that could allow hackers to compromise them.

The vulnerability is located in a service called NetUSB, which lets devices connected over USB to a computer be shared with other machines on a local network or the Internet via IP (Internet Protocol). The shared devices can be printers, webcams, thumb drives, external hard disks and more.

NetUSB is implemented in Linux-based embedded systems, such as routers, as a kernel driver. The driver is developed by Taiwan-based KCodes Technology. Once enabled, it opens a server that listens on TCP port 20005 for connecting clients.

Security researchers from a company called Sec Consult found that if a connecting computer has a name longer than 64 characters, a stack buffer overflow is triggered in the NetUSB service. If exploited, this kind of vulnerability can result in remote code execution or denial of service.

Since the NetUSB service code runs in kernel mode, attackers who exploit the flaw could gain the ability to execute malicious code on the affected devices with the highest possible privilege, the Sec Consult researchers said in a blog post Tuesday.

Many vendors integrate NetUSB into their products, but have different names for it. For example, Netgear calls the feature ReadySHARE, while others simply call it print sharing or USB share port.

Google Is Close to Unveiling New Web Photo Service – Bloomberg Business

The new photo tool, which will let users post images to Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc., will probably be unveiled at Google’s annual software developers conference in San Francisco later this month, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private.

Google Tone is a Chrome extension for sharing URLs with nearby computers using sound | VentureBeat | Dev | by Paul Sawers

To try the feature, all computers must first have the Google Tone Chrome extension installed and be within reasonable earshot of each other. Then, when you’re on a webpage you’d like to share, hit the little Google Tone tab in your browser and you’ll hear a little succession of beeps — not too dissimilar to an old ZX Spectrum computer loading a game. Nearby machines receive a notification with the sender’s Google profile and picture embedded within the message, and the user can choose to open the URL on their own PC.

You Can Now Use ‘Netflix for Torrents’ Popcorn Time in Your Browser

The new website, at, provides much the same service as Popcorn Time always has. Just now it’s in your browser.

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