Corrupt Accomplices | Tech Talk Today 174

Corrupt Accomplices | Tech Talk Today 174

Spy agencies target mobile phones, app stores to implant spyware & the extent of the effort is shocking. Linux 4.0 has a EXT4 corruption bug, YouTube brings the fight to Twitch & Netflix has some big updates.

Then we have a Kickstarter of the week to help you men lucid dream, the penis way.

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Show Notes:

Spy agencies target mobile phones, app stores to implant spyware

Electronic intelligence agencies began targeting UC Browser — a massively popular app in China and India with growing use in North America — in late 2011 after discovering it leaked revealing details about its half-billion users.

Their goal, in tapping into UC Browser and also looking for larger app store vulnerabilities, was to collect data on suspected terrorists and other intelligence targets — and, in some cases, implant spyware on targeted smartphones.

The 2012 document shows that the surveillance agencies exploited the weaknesses in certain mobile apps in pursuit of their national security interests, but it appears they didn’t alert the companies or the public to these weaknesses. That potentially put millions of users in danger of their data being accessed by other governments’ agencies, hackers or criminals.

NSA Planned to Hijack Google App Store to Hack Smartphones – The Intercept

Linux 4.0 Has a File-System Corruption Problem, RAID Users Warned

For the past few days kernel developers and Linux users have been investigating an EXT4 file-system corruption issue affecting the latest stable kernel series (Linux 4.0) and the current development code (Linux 4.1). It turns out that Linux users running the EXT4 file-system on a RAID0 configuration can easily destroy their file-system with this newest “stable” kernel. The cause and fix have materialized but it hasn’t yet worked its way out into the mainline kernel, thus users should be warned before quickly upgrading to the new kernel on systems with EXT4 and RAID0.

  • Apparently this was fixed in the 4.0.3 Kernel. The current release is 4.0.4.

YouTube eyes Twitch user base, adds 60 FPS live streams with HTML5 playback | Ars Technica

The HTML5 player will not only save users from the CPU and batter__y-eating Flash player, but will also enable variable speed playback, allowing users to “skip backward in a stream while it’s live and watch at 1.5x or 2x speed to catch back up.”

Netflix To Roll Out A New, More Immersive Web Interface Starting In June | TechCrunch

Netflix confirms today that it will roll out a new user interface on the web to all users worldwide beginning next month. A number of Netflix customers are already seeing the updated look-and-feel, however, according to various reports. The interface, which was previously demonstrated at CES and Mobile World Congress, brings the design of Netflix’s website more in line with what users today see on mobile phones, tablets, on gaming consoles and on other streaming media players, like Roku.

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