Rumor Smashing | STOked 82

Rumor Smashing | STOked 82

We bring on Star Trek Online’s lead designer to chat about recent news, update us on season 4, the Duty Officer System, and to smash a few rumors!

Plus – We do a quick recap of the Devidian series and it’s new rewards, chat a bit about the 500 day vet award details, plus some amazing shots from the dev’s twitter feeds this week!

We wrap up the episode with our poll results from last week, and your epic answers! And much, much more!

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Show Notes:


Devidian Series reruns:
– Ground shield reward for “Skirmish”

Romulan Series reruns coming soon!
– Prize = an attack Horta schematic (must be crafted)

500 day Vet Reward announced
– Includes 250 Emblems (if this trend continues… free ship @ 600 days, and every 200 after)
– KDF Shoulder Cape that they’ve been asking for
– Jupiter Uniform (more info)

An updated look at the Doff interface
An accompanying thread to explain some of the details
– Can inactive boffs join the duty roster? Not at this time, but maybe someday.
– Why no KDF version leaked? Not done yet (uh oh…)
– 2 depts per division + Civilian
** Civs cannot be placed on active duty, but can be sent on assignments.
– Doffs cannot be promoted or customized – they are what they are.
– Only the lowest quality doffs can die on assignments, the rest go to sickbay to recoup.
A shuttle cutscene for assignment initiation?

Follow up Thread: There will be several ways of acquiring duty officers; some of these we can talk about now, others are still being investigated.
* Certain “Recruitment” assignments (with no doff slotting requirements)
* Rewards for certain accolades
* Possibly a starting batch of common duty officers will be granted to players, probably modified by player level

Info on Starfleet Academy / Tutorials
When will we see them?
“The zone will become available for Devs to use with S4, then content will slowly trickle into it.”
What about the Tutorials?
“Postponed. New content for EVERYbody takes higher priority.”
What about skipping the tutorial, and starting as a Klingon?
“Still a work in progress. But both are almost finalized.”

Tweet Leaks
– Interior of Starfleet Academy office:
– Garden at Starfleet Academy:
– 500 day Jupiter Uniform variant:
– IDIC Badge!
– Peregrine with Breen engine + Reman shield:



Ship info link:


“What Makes A Good Enterprise?”

Poll feedback:
The Captain  — 28.88%
Warp nacelles/pylons — 24.29%
The Crew — 19.91%
Secondary hull/deflector — 18.6%
The strong neck  — 8.32%

Specific responses:
– Tabmaine: “The secondary hull is where a new design should start. If you change its shape, the rest of the ship has to be changed to fit the new shape.”
– nshepard: “It has to look like an interstellar hot rod. Like it’s doing Warp 10 when sitting still.”
– arm514: “It’s a combo of a saucer, secondary + 2 nacelles.” (Pic of NX + secondary)
– Omega_Glory: Link to Roddenberry’s design rules.
– Capn_Logan: Don’t worry about it!
– Original creator made a new mock-up to show more detail: (PIC)

“What do you need to know about the Doff System?”

I have no Foundry suggestions this week, because I’ve been busy launching The MMOrgue!

Foundry Picks from the live chatroom:
Rema Donna
Do Dukat
Saving Ensign Ryan
Currents Turned Awry
KDF: 99 Bottles of Ale in the Hall


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