Disjunctive Normal Fedora | LINUX Unplugged 95

Disjunctive Normal Fedora | LINUX Unplugged 95

A follow up on our Fedora 22 review, including a few areas we missed. How Google’s Cardboard could kickstart open source VR & new features coming to Gnome 3.18.

Plus our take on the state of openSUSE, why 2015 might really be the year of the Linux Laptop & much, much more!

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Google crafts new Cardboard virtual reality headset – CNET

Google on Thursday detailed its newest virtual reality device, the second-generation Cardboard. The new version is an even simpler product than the initial device, taking only three steps to construct instead of 12, and it also fits larger phone sizes, including screens up to 6 inches.

Unlike virtual reality rivals that have created systems that cost hundreds of dollars, Google has been pushing an inexpensive product that essentially anyone could afford and build, opening up VR to a broader group of consumers.

The second-generation Cardboard also includes a change in a button to cardboard from the first generation’s magnet to make input functions work with all devices. It went on sale Thursday with partners, and Google will hand out the device to everyone at its I/O developer conference — where the product was unveiled — said Clay Bavor, vice president of product management.

Dell Is Telling Customers to Try a New OS, Ubuntu – Softpedia

“Canonical and Dell have teamed up to offer an extensive range of desktop, notebook and server configurations, certified and suitable for home use, business use or software development. Dell and Canonical engineers collaborate every day to certify Dell hardware on Ubuntu, to a level that customers can rely on. Dell and Canonical also work together to bring cloud infrastructure solutions to market, based on OpenStack and the Dell & Ubuntu reference architecture,” reads the official Dell website.

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Nautilus (Files) File Manager to Get a Major Update for GNOME 3.18

Looking at the changelog, we can notice a fix for some window focus issues that occurred when starting the file manager, a fix for the handling of the command-line options in certain cases, as well as the addition of a public API (Application Programming Interface) documentation for developers who want to create Nautilus extensions.


Fedora 22 Review Follow Up

We’ve come to the conclusion that the current design is unsupportable,
mostly due to upgrade.img, which turns out to cause more problems than
it solves.

So! For F23, fedup needs to be redesigned. Here’s how it should work:
1) Download packages for the new system
2) Use the systemd Offline Updates facility to install packages

This is really simple – simple enough that it should probably be
provided by the system packaging tools themselves.
As a proof-of-concept, I’ve implemented it as a DNF plugin, which you
can see here: https://github.com/wgwoods/dnf-plugin-fedup

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