Party with Linux | LAS 368

Party with Linux | LAS 368

Who doesn’t like a good party? Some folks will tell you that Linux is boring, or for geeks. This week we’ll show you how you can have a very loud and bright time with Linux.

Plus Valve officially pins down a Steam Machine launch date. More encryption for Linux, and did the CHIP guys underestimate the cost of their $9 computer?

Plus some great feedback, some helpful app picks & more!

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— Show Notes: —

Party With Linux

+Linux Compatible DMX Interface


Brought to you by: System76


Runs Linux

Video of ad system that uses a raspberry pi to sense when a train is coming so that it can start playing a specific part of an ad.

Sent in by Dumitru V.

Desktop App Pick

QLC+ is a fork of the great QLC project written by Heikki Junnila. This project aims to continue the development of QLC and to introduce new features.
The primary goal is to bring QLC+ at the level of other lighting control commercial softwares

  • Controls an arbitrary number of universes, 512 DMX channels each
  • Fixture editor to create and customize fixtures
  • 440+ ready made fixtures
  • Web access for remote control
  • Input/Output plugins to support a wide variety of hardware and software
  • MIDI Input / Output and Feedbacks (for devices with motorized faders)
  • MIDI support of Notes, Control Change, Program Change and Beat clock
  • Virtual Console to get the best while performing live shows
  • Quick access to 750+ gobos, color presets, RGB values, thanks to the Click And Go technology
  • Simple Desk for manual DMX channels control
  • Multitrack Show editor for offline desk programming
  • Audio input/output support
  • Import/export fixtures list
  • Channels groups
  • Fixture remapping
  • ArtNet and E1.31 native input/output plugin
  • OSC input/output/feedback plugin
  • DMX4ALL StageProfi and FX5 DMX USB support
  • Dump DMX values into scenes/chasers
  • Look & feel based on the Humanity icon theme

Weekly Spotlight


T his is a filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol. Since most SSH servers already support this protocol it is very easy to set up: i.e. on the server side there’s nothing to do. On the client side mounting the filesystem is as easy as logging into the server with ssh.

  • Based on FUSE (the best userspace filesystem framework for linux 😉
  • Multithreading: more than one request can be on it’s way to the server
  • Allowing large reads (max 64k)
  • Caching directory contents

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Our Past Picks

These are the weekly picks provided by the Jupiter Broadcasting podcast, the Linux Action Show.

This site includes a separate picks lists for the “Runs Linux”, Desktop Apps, Spotlight Picks, Android Picks, and Distro Picks.

— NEWS —

Steam Machine Launch Date

November 10, 2015: May it forever be known as “Steam Day”—the day Valve will officially unleash its suite of Steam Machines, Steam Link, SteamOS, and the Steam Controller. Sure, it’s almost exactly a year later than anticipated, but…well, if you want one, this is when you can get one. Officially.

“Unofficially,” you can get a Steam Machine and Steam Controller as early as October 16, provided you’re in the market for Alienware’s model. Preordering through GameStop ensures you’ll receive Alienware’s Steam Machine (which Valve previously referred to as “a console that encapsulates the full potential of what a Steam Machine should be”) almost a month early.

HP Enterprise will be all-in

What’s the latest enterprise IT company to proclaim its love of open source? HP, that’s who – or, more specifically, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of two companies that will emerge once HP splits this November.

Speaking at the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas this week, CTO Martin Fink said open source will be central to how HP’s enterprise incarnation conducts its business.

“We have taken this very, very seriously and we are all-in on the notion of open source,” Fink said, adding that even game-changing big bets like the Machine will be backed by open source software.

“I want to stress something here: It is not called HP Grommet. It is called Grommet,” Fink said. “It is HP’s contribution to the IT industry to bring consumer-grade capabilities with an enterprise user experience framework so that all of you can take advantage of it.”

Dell Inspiron 14 Ubuntu Review

I ‘ve been using this new Ubuntu notebook from Dell for a couple days, and overall, I’m pretty happy. For a $299 computer (that’s list price, I got mine for $249), it has reasonably good specs, looks nice, and performs about like you would expect considering the hardware and price.

Easy Risk Free Encrypted Colab released for LINUX

Tresorit protects the files you never want leaked or lost.
Work with your most sensitive documents without second thoughts. Use Tresorit to keep control – even when you share with coworkers, clients or vendors

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Proven Security
  • Swiss Privacy
  • Encrypted Backup
  • Certified secure datacenters
  • Up to 1TB encrypted storage

Chip to be $20 not $9

Allwinner confirmed R8 just SOC cost $4.80 but this makes not much sense either this is the price of A33 quad core SOC why they price so expensive obsolete A13 Cortex-A8 SOC???

On my question how then Next Thing Co. sell this computer for $9 Allwinner response is:

“CHIP 9$ computer launched a big advertising campaign to promote their new development board, their actual cost is higher than 9$. After the Kickstarter their computer will sell for 39$.”

So, sorry guys to break your dreams for 1Ghz SOCs costing $1, maybe in future this would be possible, but not now.


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