Digital Wallets | J@N | 5.17.11

Digital Wallets | J@N | 5.17.11

All this week on J@N, we’re talking about technology that will fundamentally change the way that we interact with the world around us.

For the first round, we’re going to take a look at Near-Field Communication technology, and the concept of ‘digital wallets.’ Several big players in the tech industry appear to be getting behind this innovation, as well as at least one notable financial institution!

Could this technology replace our need for physical wallets, and even our car or house keys? Tune in to find out our thoughts on how this could reshape the future as we know it.

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Show Notes:

Digital wallets / NFC tech
VISA commercial about paying with phones
Visa Digital Wallet Accelerates Mobile-Payments Race
Experimenting with NFC check-ins for Google I/O
Next iPhone will not have NFC chip, BUT
NFC payments appearing in Apple stores leading to speculation that the iPhone 5 will have this capability as part of its core functionality.

Google also showed off NFC capabilities at Google I/O, but used for controlling external devices, not for transmitting data for transactions.
Google Places already using decals to transmit data to mobile devices using NFC.


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