Better Open Source Options | LINUX Unplugged 97

Better Open Source Options | LINUX Unplugged 97

What makes the Linux awesome? Community. This week we’ve got exclusive clips from SouthEast LinuxFest 2015 & an on the ground report from OpenTech 2015.

Plus why open source needs to follow the Apple model and get started with students, creating value around open source & how Red Hat stays connected to the community.

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Hack of cloud-based LastPass exposes hashed master passwords
Can we geat a review on NixOS? Pretty please.

Steam Summer Sale Day 6 – Linux Specific

Linux Academy

OpenTech 2015

The usual mix of technology, experience and everything else. Book your place now, while we firm up the schedule.


Bryan Behrenshausen is semioticrobotic.

I’m Bryan Behrenshausen, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where I work on cultural studies of informatic technologies. I try to think conjuncturally about how the concept of information gets articulated differently across multiple discourses and domains.


Alan Hicks

One of the authors of The Revised Slackware Book Project, Senior Linux Systems Administrator at Intermedia Outdoors, long-time SELF contributor.

q5sys’ “Build Your Own Laptop” talk at the 2015 South East Linux Fest

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