Linux Photography in Focus | LAS 372

Linux Photography in Focus | LAS 372

From total beginner to photo pro, we’ll share workflow tips, tools, tricks & backup techniques to super-charge your photography workflow under Linux.

Plus the Pinos project promises to bring PulseAudio to video, how DirectX11 is coming to Linux, the Yotaphone upset, OwnCloud dreams & more!

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— Show Notes: —

Perfect Photo Workflow with Linux


Brought to you by: O’REILLY OSCON

Prepare your Monitor:

Getting the photos into Linux:

Rapid Photo Downloader for Linux is written by a photographer for professional and amateur photographers. Its goal is to be the best photo and video downloader for the Linux Desktop. It is free software, released under the GNU GPL license.

Quick Sorting of Photos:

gThumb is an image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop. It also includes an importer tool for transferring photos from cameras.

Tweaking your RAW Pictures:

HDR Photo Editing:

Luminance HDR is a graphical user interface (based on the Qt5 toolkit) that provides a complete workflow for HDR imaging.

Photo Organization

darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

Say hello to the world’s fastest RAW photo-editing software. Corel AfterShot Pro 2 is changing the way the world works with RAW, with 64-bit performance that’s 30% faster than AfterShot Pro 1 and up to 4x faster than the competition. AfterShot Pro 2 is the best way to unlock the freedom and flexibility of shooting RAW. With unparalleled speed and power, and a sleek new interface, AfterShot Pro 2 is a RAW converter, non-destructive photo editor and complete high-speed photo manager in one. Whether you’re batch processing thousands of RAW images, or making detailed adjustments to your latest prize-winning shot, AfterShot Pro 2 gives you the tools to quickly take complete control over every aspect of your photo workflow.

Photo Backup Under Linux:

SpiderOak ONE is the leading private backup solution and is 100% Zero Knowledge. Get a ton of space for only $12 a month. Plans starting at $7 a month for 30GB and up to 5TB.
Pay monthly or annually. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Grsync is a rsync GUI (Graphical User Interface). Rsync is the well-known and powerful command line directory and file synchronization tool.


Runs Linux


This global Internet surveillance network is powered by a somewhat clunky piece of software running on clusters of Linux servers. Analysts access XKEYSCORE’s web interface to search its wealth of private information, similar to how ordinary people can search Google for public information.

Desktop App Pick

digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for Linux, Windows, and Mac-OSX.

The people who inspired digiKam’s design are the photographers like you who want to view, manage, edit, enhance, organize, tag, and share photographs under Linux systems.

You can take a look into the digiKam Overview page to take a tour or the Features page to see more advanced information about.

Weekly Spotlight

  • Using Sencha ExtJS 5.1.1 framework for the WebGUI
  • Add a new dashboard and widgets
  • Many internal improvements and bugfixes
  • Improved the internal network interface backend
  • Add Wi-Fi support. Only WPA & WPA2 is supported
  • Add VLAN support
  • The network interface configuration page has been modified. Now only the configuration values are displayed. Use the dashboard widget to show the state of all network interfaces.
  • The public key of the user must now be specified in the RFC 4716 SSH public key file format. It is possible to add multiple keys.
  • Option to turn off the collection of system performance statistics.
  • Use the browser local storage to store the WebGUI state (e.g. displayed grid columns, column width, …) instead of cookies.

The whole changelog for 2.1 can be viewed here.

— NEWS —

Introducing Pinos

So what is Pinos? One of the original goals of Pinos was to provide the same level of advanced hardware handling for Video that PulseAudio provides for Audio. For those of you who has been around for a while you might remember how you once upon a time could only have one application using the sound card at the same time until PulseAudio properly fixed that. Well Pinos will allow you to share your video camera between multiple applications and also provide an easy to use API to do so.

ownCloud 8.1 Coming Soon

The first release candidate of ownCloud 8.1 is ready for testing. This release will bring many performance improvements, Encryption 2.0 and much more. If you’re an avid ownCloud user, this is the time to test the upcoming release and make sure it can deal with your specific installation. Get the release on the ownCloud website.

Yotaphone Adopts Sailfish – Drops Android

Today the news has it for us as Yota Phone, the recently famous Russian [Android] phone manufacturer with their revolutionary “two-faced” phone has dropped their near-stock Android OS in favor of our beloved Sailfish OS which has raised a fair bit of keyboard warriors to attack the comments section on some websites saying things like “Why dumping the most popular OS in the world for the least popular?” Uh, excuse me as your most popular OS (Which I admit I am an Android user alongside Sailfish) does not care about user’s privacy and wants to send everything directly to that famous and most hated agency in the world! (NSA)

Codeweavers On DX11 in WINE, Steam Machines & Porting

DirectX 11

The recent news of WINE/Crossover supporting DX11 is significant, because up until now there were no FOSS solutions to get such support. Sure, the eON wrapper from Virtual Programming was one commercial option for game companies to develop ports for Linux, but it was not available for end users. With WINE supporting DX11, this opens up a whole new library of recent Windows games for the Linux platform.






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