OSCON 2015 | LAS 375

OSCON 2015 | LAS 375

It was a huge OSCON this year, and we have a bunch of great interviews from the floor. We’ll feature some amazing Linux powered gadgets, exciting hardware, and our massive interview with Todd Weaver, the man behind Purism Librem 13 and the Librem 15 Linux laptops.

Plus our thoughts on the Plasma Phone, the Linux distro adding secret watermarks to files & more!

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Some of the Interviews this week

let us know if you like these broken out, its a lot of work!

Check LINUX Unplugged for more OSCON 2015 Exclusives!


Runs Linux

I am finally (mostly) finished with my arcade cabinet, so I thought I would do a break down of my process along with general thoughts about how things went with each step. For the most part I followed this tutorial from instructables.

Desktop App Pick

Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control.

Weekly Spotlight

— NEWS —

Plasma Mobile, a Free Mobile Platform

Plasma Mobile offers a Free (as in freedom and beer), user-friendly, privacy-enabling, customizable platform for mobile devices. Plasma Mobile is Free software, and is now developed via an open process. Plasma Mobile is currently under development with a prototype available providing basic functions to run on a smartphone.

Plasma Phone and KWin | Martin’s Blog

Red Star Linux Adds Secret Watermarks To Files

ERNW security analyst Florian Grunow says that North Korea’s Red Star Linux operating system is tracking users by tagging content with unique hidden tags. He particularizes that files including Word documents and JPEG images connected to but not necessarily executed in Red Star will have a tag introduced into its code that includes a number based on hardware serial numbers. Red Star’s development team seems to have created some quite interesting custom additions to Linux kernel and userspace, based on which Grunow has written a technical analysis.

Knights of the Old Republic Sequel Comes to Mac and Linux

The story of KOTOR 2 is set five years after the first game. The Sith Lords have all but eradicated the Jedi Knights in the galaxy, save one: you. As you take on the role of the last remaining Jedi Knight, struggling to connect with the Force, you’ll decide whether to follow the light side or embrace the dark and determine the fate of the galaxy in the process.

Terraria For Linux

we have decided that we will conduct our first ever Open Beta around the Mac and Linux versions of Terraria!


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