Miles of WiFi | LINUX Unplugged 104

Miles of WiFi | LINUX Unplugged 104

Ubuntu publishes their roadmap for the next few releases & we discuss what the future might hold for “Ubuntu Personal”. Plus the major challenges Linux gaming is facing.

Then we’ve got insights from the experts on building robust wifi for your home, enterprise or even large events… Powered by Linux!

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T – 242d!

It’s only 242 days until April 1st, 2016, the month where another great Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release will be born. Ubuntu 16.04 will be the most sophisticated release of Ubuntu so far.

In my old/new role as Canonical’s Shepherd for all things related to Ubuntu Client (meaning Ubuntu, Phones, Tablets and everything related), I wanted to take a few moments and share our current plans for the remaining time until Ubuntu 16.04.

Canonical Publishes Impressive Roadmap for All of Their Ubuntu Products

“The chart shows Ubuntu as the center of gravity for everything that revolves around it. We will be seeing a solid 15.10 leading to the Long Term Support release 16.04. I personally expect some improvements around the Dash and general usability improvements for users with high resolution screens in addition to the work that’s done to polish and stabilize Ubuntu to the level an LTS release deserves,” wrote Olli Ries.

The chart itself is very interesting, but above all else, it shows that Ubuntu for regular users is still pretty much the focus of their efforts. The Ubuntu community is afraid that Canonical is putting too much work into the mobile space or containers, but in the end, everything they do seems to come back to the desktop.


Drop Ubuntu Software Centre and Adopt GNOME Software

GlobalVision Powers SELF 2015 Wifi with Linux

GlobalVision setup and ran the WIFI and Internet access for the SouthEast Linux Fest 2014 held in Charlotte, NC. The event had a little over 600 attendees over a 3 day weekend. We worked directly with the hotel hosting the event to run the cable in the event area to prevent hazards or from guests seeing or tripping over them. GlobalVision arranged to get a temporary dedicated Internet line to allow for faster speeds for event guests. Next we brought all of the gear needed for the network and had it set up and running in just a few hours. After the event was over GlobalVision removed everything and restore the area to the original look and feel.

GlobalVision offers a full range of services for businesses large or small. Our connectivity solutions include fiber, Metro Ethernet, T-1, and fixed wireless internet, as well as voice options ranging from traditional phone service to the best VoIP phones. With our state-of-the-art data and collocation center, we also provide data storage and recovery, hosting, server space, and application hosting.

Linux Academy

Should We Drop the dream of Linux Gaming?

Gaming on Linux struggles to take off. With Windows seeming less and less “evil” is it time to accept having a Windows install around if you want to game, and let Linux focus on its strengths?

The result leaves nothing to speculation:

  • Max FPS: 81.40 on Windows vs 50.87 on Ubuntu [ 62% of the Windows Performance ]
  • Average FPS: 55.83 on Windows vs 30.16 on Ubuntu [ 54% of the Windows Performance ]
  • Lowest FPS: 31.65 on Windows vs 6.84 on Ubuntu [ 22 % of the Windows Performance ]
  • Amplitude (Max vs Min FPS) : 49.75 on Windows vs 44.03 on Ubuntu

As you can see the game runs about half as fast as the Windows version on average

That’s what the July 2015 Steam hardware and software survey reveals, at least, as first spotted by Windows Central.

Windows dominates among Steam users, with 44.91 percent using Windows 7 64-bit, and 31.65 percent using Windows 8.1 64-bit. According to the numbers, Windows 10 64-bit can already be found on 2.21 percent of Steam users‘ systems, with the **32-bit variant found on another 0.09 percent. **

By contrast, the most-used Mac operating system among Steam gamers is OS X “Yosemite” 10.10.3 at 1.10 percent, though when you take all available versions of Yosemite into account, it’s found on 2.4 percent of all systems. All four tracked Linux OSes combined account for a mere 0.55 percent of use.


The big LAS Experiment

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