OMG Announcement! | J@N | 5.24.11

OMG Announcement! | J@N | 5.24.11
Big things! Changing! And we’ll tell you all the details! Jupiter Broadcasting, and this show, are about to undergo some major programming shifts, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

After that news, we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s episodes to UPDATING you guys on some of the most popular topics we’ve covered over the past almost-year. Tonight’s update is about MINECRAFT! Big things have been moving and shaking in the world of indie gaming since the last time we talked about this ground-breaker, and we’re here to tell you about it!

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Minecraft / Minecraft Update

2+ million sales
Official count

Minecraft coming to Mobiles!

New Features:
“Skyrealm” coming soon to Minecraft
Achievements (which also drive story, and a new user experience)

Notch is contemplating a launch party / convention in Las Vegas
– Tentative date, Nov 11th
– Yes, the game HAS NOT LAUNCHED YET.

Notch reveals the future of official support for Mods
Original cost for source code = $5, but cost was later dropped to FREE due to outcry.
Official response

SpyParty — indie 1-man game shop following Minecraft model of buy-into-beta pre-release

Terraria — a 2D multi-player platformer with many similarities to Minecraft

ThinkGeek Minecraft Merchandise


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