Insecurity by Design | LINUX Unplugged 108

Insecurity by Design | LINUX Unplugged 108

Top law enforcement officials in the US want backdoors in all encryption systems. What would the ramifications to open source around the world be if this became law of the land in the US?

Details on the upcoming road show, Kubuntu’s new look, saying goodbye to an old friend & some Go powered retro feedback.

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Using gotty to expose my BBS to the web!

I was delighted to see that you guys covered gotty in the last episode of LAS. I just recently (about a week ago) started experimenting with gotty as a bridge between my telnet/SSH BBS and the web, and it’s been a pretty sweet experience so far. The author was very responsive on his GitHub page in walking me through a handful of issues I was having in getting the font setup correctly (since my board makes heavy use of textmode artwork). Check it out!

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build
simple, reliable, and efficient software.

How does OSS Respond to State Backdoor Requirements?

NSA Boss: Encrypted Software Needs Government Backdoors

He remains adamant that technology companies should install government-friendly backdoors in encrypted products.


New name for the road show…

Chris mentioned he was looking for a silly name for the new mobile studio in his RV. Here you go, “The whole enchilada show”. OK, perhaps not that good, other ideas….


JB Road Show Essentials Wishlist

A list of important items we need for our road trip, thanks for the help, this lets us focus on big ticket mechanical and installation items!

Linux Academy

LILO to finish development of LILO at 12/2015

Any keystroke launcher diehards here? : LinuxActionShow

01org/thermal_daemon ยท GitHub

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