Subscription Lock-in | CR 169

Subscription Lock-in | CR 169

With Mike’s move to Florida in progress he joins us via phone for a run through of the major JetBrains subscription hoopla, transitioning from a tester to a developer & that big poaching scandal comes to an expensive close!

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How I went from a tester to a developer role

Yesterday’s big news, at least for many developers, is that JetBrains – maker of popular tools like IntelliJ and ReSharper – is moving to a software-as-a-service subscription model for their products.

Previously, buying a JetBrains product got you a perpetual license and a year of upgrades. Once the license expired, any software you had received under that license would continue to work, but you would need to buy another license to get further upgrades. It was a simple model that worked just fine for many people, and most customers upgraded every year.

Starting November 2, though, that all stops. After that date, JetBrains will no longer sell these perpetual licenses. Instead, you can rent access to their software on a month-by-month basis.

As of November 2, 2015, we will introduce JetBrains Toolbox—a collection of our popular desktop tools (IDEs, utilities and extensions) available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. With JetBrains Toolbox, you can pick and choose one or more tools that best suit your current needs, or go for the ‘All products’ plan that comes with special savings. You decide what to put in your Toolbox and for how long.

My indie (personal) IntelliJ purchase was $100/year. Now it’s $120/year (except for the first-year upgrade hook of $10 off) and it now turns off after each year.

Don’t Build a Billion-Dollar Business. Really.

Apple, Google, and other tech giants will pay $415 million in poaching scandal settlement


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