How We Got Started With Linux | LAS 381

How We Got Started With Linux | LAS 381

We finally share our getting started with Linux stories. And it turns out, it was nearly a freak happenstance for both of us & some great stories from our community.

Plus the Safe Wifi campaign you need to know about, we discuss the new elementaryOS, an update on the Munich situation & more!

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We share how we got started with Linux


Runs Linux

KIller Robot Runs Linux

Desktop App Pick

Bash Scanner – A fast way to scan your server for outdated software and potential exploits.

After an initial scan, you will be asked to create an account on the PatrolServer dashboard (which is totally optional, you are free to use the tool without an account). The benefit of creating a sustainable account is detailed reporting, together with documentation on how to secure your server.

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Save WiFi/Individual Comments

Right now, the FCC is considering a proposal to require manufacturers to lock down computing devices (routers, PCs, phones) to prevent modification if they have a “modular wireless radio”[1][2]
or a device with an “electronic label”[3]. The rules would likely:

  • Restrict installation of alternative operating systems on your PC, like GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, etc.
  • Prevent research into advanced wireless technologies, like mesh networking and bufferbloat fixes
  • Ban installation of custom firmware on your Android phone
  • Discourage the development of alternative free and open source WiFi firmware, like OpenWrt
  • Infringe upon the ability of amateur radio operators to create high powered mesh networks to assist emergency personnel in a disaster.
  • Prevent resellers from installing firmware on routers, such as for retail WiFi hotspots or VPNs, without agreeing to any condition a manufacturer so chooses.

  • Save WiFi: Act Now To Save WiFi From The FCC | Hackaday

The folks at ThinkPenguin, the EFF, FSF, Software Freedom Law Center, Software Freedom Conservancy, OpenWRT, LibreCMC, Qualcomm, and other have put together the SaveWiFi campaign.

Online comments end 09/08/2015.

Freya 0.3.1 is Here!

At the heart of this upgrade is the latest Hardware Enablement stack from Ubuntu 14.04.3. It includes version 3.19 of the Linux kernel and an updated Mesa that fixes the dreaded “double cursor” glitch. Workspaces in the Multitasking view also now work properly on Nvidia Optimus. The new hardware stack also brings better support for backlights and touchpads on certain laptops, a host of performance and power-related improvements, and support for 5th generation Intel processors. This release should also improve support for (U)EFI systems, especially when installing without an internet connection.

Munich Linux councillor: ‘We didn’t propose a switch back to Windows’

“There are several points of criticism concerning the notebooks of the councillors with very different reasons (not Linux in general). There are 80 councillors in the city. Their work and needs can’t be compared with the whole administration.”

Pfeiler denied that there was any kind of consensus towards a complete reverse migration, but rather suggests a retroactive fitting of Windows for certain specific purposes, adding that there was nothing to suggest that the Limux system was working anything other than well.


Mycroft Adds Linux Desktop Voice Controlled AI as Stretch Goal

Interoperable and Open
Optimized for the web
Scalable to any modern device at any bandwidth
Designed with a low computational footprint and optimized for hardware
Capable of consistent, highest quality, real-time video delivery; and
Flexible for both commercial and non-commercial content.

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