Area 51 and Beyond | J@N | 5.25.11

Area 51 and Beyond | J@N | 5.25.11

Today, our closing week of J@N continues with an update to TWO separate topics previously covered on the show. And since today is Wednesday, we’ve decided to take a firmly science-ey approach to the topics!

First up, more de-classified military documents lead Chris to dig deep into the mysteries of Area 51, as a follow-up to our episode that had UFOs buzzing around US nuclear missile silos. After that, we take a look at the recently-discovered replacement for the debunked Planet Zarmina, which unlike it’s predecessor actually shows scientific evidence of being capable of supporting life!

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UFOs are REAL!

The book — Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Bases (audio)
The book’s pitch is that even though the Roswell crash is considered the identifying event of Area 51, it’s merely the tip of the iceberg!

  • Nuclear authority given to civilians, with Top Secret clearance!
  • Even the President didn’t know what was going on — Clinton had to make a committee to investigate.
  • When the bombs dropped on Japan, Congress learned from news reports.
  • Video of underground atomic test

Declassified Photos:
Nat’l Geographic – Area 51 Declassified:

Part 2) Previous Episode:
Planet Zarmina

So many issues with the concept of this planet supporting life, that it’s become kind of a given to ignore it and focus our attention elsewhere.
– Tidally locked
– Off-axis orbit prevents spectrometry

  • In February of this year, the Kepler experiment announced the existence of over 1,200 “candidates” for extrasolar planets.
  • In March, they extrapolated their findings as a ratio:
    • “Roughly one out of every 37 to one out of every 70 sunlike stars in the sky might harbor an alien Earth.”
      • Given the size of our galaxy, this would indicate BILLIONS of potentially Earth-like planets.

Other neat discoveries have been made:

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