Goodnight… For Now | J@N | 5.26.11

Goodnight… For Now | J@N | 5.26.11

We sign off and wrap up our goodbye week of Jupiter@Nite by sharing a few personal milestones that have taken place during and on the show.

Plus we’ve got some great ideas for the future direction of the show, so we fill you in on the details about the end of the show, the three week break, and the possible reboot!

Joins us for the last Jupiter@Nite… Or is it?

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J-Man Update:
Jeremy’s Date Night (I gotta check with the lady about this)
– It was awkward, and terrible.
– But it got me re-interested in Online Dating, after I’d previously had a bad experience with it.
– Signed up on, and ended up on a date with the FIRST GIRL I was matched with.
– Her name is Jen, and more than a month later, we are now officially boyfriend/girlfriend.
– She’s awesome, btw.
Bacon Diet
– I’m at 318lbs now! (which I THINK is another 11 pounds lost, in May)
– I have cheated. An occasional cheat does keep me on track.

Jupiter@Nite Rebirth:
-June 23rd
-CastaBlasta (Example of the geekines and another)
-Content including: SciFi, Video Games, epic movies, nerdy toys, Comics, books, TV
Jupiter Broadcasting Calendar
-Big focus on the audio version, this will be a “talk show” with a behind the scenes video.
-Beer is Tasty/Bar Tasty type content.

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