Rover Electrical Upgrade | Rover Log 10

Rover Electrical Upgrade | Rover Log 10

After making it to Grand Forks North Dakota, we got to work on Rover upgrades! A big intention behind the mobile studio is to power as much of our gear with DC power as possible.

The are a couple of big benefits, one of them being that when we’re off the grid, the Rover is powered by two DC batteries currently. And we’re working on solutions to charge those batteries while off the grid thanks to some awesome gear (solar panel) bought for us by an audience member.

The other benefit of using DC in the rover is fewer number of conversions incoming electricity must endure before it powers a laptop, mixer, etc. So our power usage is more efficient, and every yoctoampere counts!

We also had a great meet-up, recorded two shows, ate some amazing pizza, and visited the farmers market.

Grand Forks is a very nice little town, with a lot going for it. We look forward to visiting again.

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