Open Source Power Outlets | LINUX Unplugged 112

Open Source Power Outlets | LINUX Unplugged 112

Noah hosts again while Chris is in the land of no service, also known as Utah! We talk about LibreOffice, Ubuntu’s new Setup wizard, OpenSUSE’s leap & more!

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Five years of LibreOffice

LibreOffice was launched as a fork of on September 28, 2010, by a tiny group of people representing the community in their capacity of community project leaders. At the time it was a brave — although necessary — decision, because it was rather clear to everyone that was not going to survive for a long time under Oracle stewardship.

In fact, the group of 16 founders launched an independent free software project under the stewardship of The Document Foundation, to fulfil the promise made by Sun ten years before — at the time of the first announcement of — of an independent free software foundation capable of pushing forward the free office suite to the next level.

In five years, LibreOffice developers have not missed a single time based release, with major announcements in late January and late July, and minor announcements on a monthly basis.

LibreOffice 5.0, launched in early August, has been the most successful major release ever, triggering an unprecedented 8,000 donations in 30 days.


A Slick New Set-Up Wizard Is Coming To Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch – OMG! Ubuntu!

The Ubuntu installer is set to undergo a dramatic makeover.

Ubuntu will modernise its out-of-the-box experience (OOBE) to be easier and quicker to complete, look more ‘seductive’ to new users, and better present the Ubuntu brand through its design.

The current Ubuntu installer, Ubiquity, was introduced back in 2010 and has undergone only minor design changes since then.

Crownstone – Open Source Power Outlets

The Crownstone is a Bluetooth Low-Energy switching block that can be embedded everywhere in a building. Not only can people use their smartphones to control every wire in the building, but also the building knows where the people are.

The Crownstone embedded software is open source and already placed online at Github!

For the maker community who wants to use Crownstones to create their own smart building, we provide a full-featured API you can access through Bluetooth.

Linux Academy

openSUSE Releases Beta of Leap 42.1

Today openSUSE released the Beta of Leap 42.1, providing an all new look that deviates from previous versions.

The newest regular release from openSUSE has changes to Grub and Plymouth, which provides an impressive introduction to users setting up and using Leap on their hardware or virtual machines.

Users wanting a long-term, stable Linux system can expect Leap to use the most advanced long-term supported branch of the Linux kernel, 4.1 series, which provides significant improvements to ARM hardware architecture.

Anyone who wants to be a tester should download the Beta and test it on their hardware or virtualbox. Testers who do download and try the Beta are encouraged to try their favorite application or simply use it until the scheduled release of Leap’s RC1 on Oct. 15. Testing and reporting bugs will help improve the RC1 release as well as the official release of openSUSE Leap, which is scheduled for release Nov. 4 during SUSECon in Amsterdam.

  • There are about 7,200 packages in the Beta.

Leap is developed using core source code from SUSE Linux Enterprise

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