Sun Setting on Java | CR 173

Sun Setting on Java | CR 173

A really simple mistake that many of us have made in the past, led to the Patreon hack. We discuss the situation & the bigger picture.

Plus our take on the rumors that Oracle is planning the “obsolescence” of Java.

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All Natural Organic Hoopla

Chris Start’s the S6 Watch

The following links are for the 6.0.0 build of Android Marshmallow for their respective devices, and come straight from Google’s servers. You can find the rest of the available factory images at Google’s support page.

From The Subreddit

Patreon got Hacked by Leaving Debug Mode On
Insider: Oracle Has Lost Interest in Java

Status Of Java

What is the status of Java in today’s technology landscape?
The platform?
The language?
How does Oracle’s Stewardship of Java differ from Microsoft’s of C#?


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