Fedora 15 Review | LAS | s17e01

Fedora 15 Review | LAS | s17e01

We load the action canon and prepare to launch our full Fedora 15 Review.

Is this going to be a brutal slaughter, or the beginning of Desktop Linux’s near perfection, TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

Then – Why the next major version of the Linux Kernel might be just around the corner!

PLUS so much MORE!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Episode Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Envizions Evo 2

Android Pick:
Charlie Sheen Sound Board – Bonus Pick!

GI Monitor – Bonus Pick!
Android Picks so far, thanks to Madjo in the IRC Chat room

Linux Pick:
Ultimate Plugins link for gEdit
Linus Torvalds Considering End To Linux 2.6 Series
Linux Desktop Summit Program Announced
Linux Mint 11 “Katya” released!

PiTiVi Video Editor 0.14 “No longer kills kittens”

Fedora 15 Review:
-Keeps telling Chris his hard drive is bad
-Liked that Add/Remove software promoted me to run my new software
-Liked that when new software ran, it told me it needs more packages instead of crashing
-Virtual Machine happily fetched the needed packages
-3D Acceleration worked for my ATI Radeon 58xx
-Two System Update apps? – No icons just named the same, one is for sources, one is updates. Why a separate app just for update sourceS?

systemd System and Service Manager

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