Eve of Battle | STOked 84

Eve of Battle | STOked 84

Chris & Jeremy prepare for a three week STF event, find out their thoughts on this event, and how you can participate and join the battle!

Then – with season 4 around the corner, we’ve got the latest updates straight from the STO devs, and some new info on the master plan for deep space encounters.

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Show Notes:


Follow-up on Atari/Cryptic conversation at Massively.com
For sale!

KDF version of the Azura comm
– “Bringing Down The House”
– Nice to see them NOT overlook this useful item for KDF.
– 4 hour cooldown

Caitian and Aenar boffs coming to C-Store in June
– Dev comment: These will be available in-game, too (via Doff missions)

June 23-25: Borg Invasion DSEs
Stahl comments
* Will no longer auto-zone you!
* Also include special rewards and/or Emblems
* Working on auto-scaling so that all can participate (in testing, no promises)

KDF capes & new shoulders:  http://twitpic.com/51lz2v/full
Yet another Jupiter Uniform detail (non-Vet version):  http://twitpic.com/52i4wd/full
Gorn updates:  http://twitpic.com/52wspn/full

Is Cryptic’s split from Atari a GOOD thing, or a BAD thing?

POLL Results: 82.56% GOOD THING


STF THURSDAYS! @ 7pm Pacific, starting June 2nd!

June 2nd:   Infected
June 9th:   The Cure
June 16th:  Khitomer Accord

In an EPIC build-up to the new Borg DSE events. Join us LIVE and be PART of the ACTION on the INTERNET. YEAH.

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